Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is Rachel Maddow Following Me?

I am sure it is just a coincidence that to me, it seems that every time I start a new blog post, Rachel Maddow seems to hit the same topic in the same cycle at the most, two or three days later. She and I have common subjects having to do with people in the Republican and Democratic parties that we both seem to consider "evil" down to the bone. There are so many things that most people don't seem to know or care about that it seems, at least, that most people who follow politics are in five main categories.
1) Both parties have people who make a lot of noise, are rude, jump the gun and become offended before actually investigating some things so it seems that they have to constantly apologize and revise everything they complain about to fit the actual situation. I know some of these people personally, and I don't ever see them apologize in their personal lives, they seem to be oblivious to the fact that being an asshole is offensive.
2) There is the informed compassionate person who gets excited about things that "might happen someday" without realizing that it isn't important to be incensed about something that hasn't and may never happen.
3) The person who likes to make people angry. It doesn't matter what you talk about, they argue as if they know something. When you take a person like this aside, they actually seem to believe that they have some form of "cosmic mission" that they are obligated to perform that "keeps everyone on their toes" but actually must makes people avoid them.
4) The person who is the constant victim, who is sure he is right about everything and never can fathom he is human and might be wrong. Most of these people have the same problem. They either 1. rely on authority figures, 2. they think in terms of how they were raised and how everything relates to their own experience only, or 3. they can't get it through their head that their facts could be wrong because they believe the sources that they trust implicitly. (These are the first three blocks to critical thinking.)
5) The kind of person who develops an ideology based on facts and research, lots of reading, lots of study into both sides of each issue, and is always open to reading or investigating a new approach or ideology when it comes along to make sure that it doesn't conflict with his previous ideas.
Some have more than one of these qualities. Right now the most victimized of the number four category, mixed with the "misinformed" part of number two - and are the people who have several things in common with the kind of person who pays to go to bad play. They don't want to admit that someone suckered them into buying a ticket to a play that they were told by most of the civilized world and that actually went to see it when it first came out, that the play really sucked. They don't want to have to admit, "Oh, alright, you told me it sucked and I know there wasn't really any good reason for me to go and listen when I knew it would be awful but I did it anyway." So, they instead tell you that they really enjoyed it, you can tell they have spent hours rehearsing how they are going to tell you that they liked it and have a list of things they thought up to tell you that they liked, even though, as you look into their face, you can tell they are lying to you because they can't admit to themselves that they volunteered to allow themselves to get gouged.
That is how some people are about candidates for office, also. Remember that the next time you want to vote for a party, not a candidate. The person in the party is the important part, not their partisanship. 

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