Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Letter To John McCain

Senator McCain,
First, you need to fix the Filibuster Rule: You have been screwing around doing nothing for four years and "We the People" are sick of it. Only on the first day of a new Senate term can the Filibuster be fixed or eliminated. For too long the Filibuster rule has been abused by Republican Senators, preventing Bills that can help "We the People" from getting passed. The reason the public is getting tired of the Republican Party is that they have been blocking (obstructing) any progress in congress following the lead of people like Mitch McConnell who is a disgusting human being and should be recalled the next chance we get. The pointing fingers and trying to blame the executive branch for what the legislative branch is doing won't fool anyone who understands enough civics to get through the sixth grade. As you, Senator John McCain said, "...the Tea Party Hobbits" think blocking progress and then trying to blame it on President Obama has become a constant. The Republicans in congress are conservatives who, as I understand, have many among their ranks that don't believe in evolution. If the Republican Party wants to survive, they are going to have to evolve. As Darwin said, "Adapt or Die". I know all about the McCain Feingold Act. I know that you Congressmen from Arizona want to be fair but to do that you can't follow your party as it self destructs at the whim of the Tea Party and the Libertarians who the GOP has gotten into bed with for votes. Instead of it helping you, it has turned Republicans into Democrats. Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan weren't extreme crazies and would not be able to be elected in today's Republican Party. It is pretty much game over for outmoded ideas and CATO institute failed financial policies and the "Trickle Down" mythology, much less the Grover Norquist tax cut magic bullet. Someone needs to start a call for the return to being the Party of Reason for the Republican Party. Hopefully you can and will try.
Thank You,
A concerned voter in Phoenix, AZ

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