Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The American Media

I keep hearing about how the "left wing media" or "liberal media" which I consider "mainstream media" is lying to people. Calling Fox News reality and then saying that everything else is "liberal or left wing" is the problem. I am tired of the mainstream being too politically correct or polite to call them on their B.S. Why, if there are people out there like Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, or Chris Mathews, is there even a single other mainstream news reporter who let's them get away with lying to themselves. It is high time this country's liberals became more forceful and aggressive with right wing people over the fact that they are WRONG. The idea that, as I keep hearing, they are "ideologically" or "fundamentally" harboring some ideas that are even considered "debatable" makes me want to hurl.
When it takes Megyn Kelly to confront Karl Rove on the fact that he tells himself things as a Republican to make himself feel better, when in fact, anyone with half a brain can see that there are statisticians and educated polling people who actually do the research and have accurate numbers. My feeling is this. They, the pundits and "analysts" or "strategists" make a lot of money trying to, at least, ACT LIKE they can buy or influence a win on any election. Both parties include the campaign contribution set up that comes in our emails. I used to subscribe to one of the Democratic party news letters. They always ended all pleas to sign a petition with a webpage redirect to a page that was begging for a money to win an election partisan issue. I finally started emailing them back before I unsubscribed and told them exactly this:
"Why would you need money to get legislation approved or denied? Are you planning on bribing a congressman with the money? That is the only way money will change legislation when parties are decidedly partisan in their views? What are you going to buy that is going to help? Air time to try to fight ads that lie about the Democratic Party? Because that would be stupid, as the kind of people who believe those ads don't listen to facts, reason, explanations, nor do they have any reasonable form of ethics. They only know how to follow the authority figures they have chosen for themselves, because those politicians find out what these people want to hear and tell it to them, despite the fact that it is a lie. They give them hope that someday, failed economics policies and tax cuts will somehow miraculously work when anyone who has studied math can tell them it's ridiculous. Then they vote backwards thinking policies into legislation and then try to blame the governor or president for what they did. I know these people must have graduated from grammar school, where they explained the three branches of government - Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Executive doesn't pass laws, although they can propose them. Only the Legislative branch can pass "legislation", not the president or governor.
I would love to hear someone from CNN or CBS actually look one of them in the eye and say, "Why would we want to try that again?" or "That has been proven to be wrong so why do you keep bringing that up? Are you trying to destroy the country???"
It seems few mainstream journalists have the guts to confront the Tea Party people on anything. Being crazy and lying to one's self is not a skill. It is not an ideology. It isn't a "kind of" inaccurate "form of the truth" because there is no grey area on that one. It is either real and true OR NOT. Why can't our mainstream media do their job and "Just say No!" to all the BS? That is what is dividing our country. Telling people who are mistaken that they are merely fundamentally different, instead of telling them that they are wrong, is what makes them think that their ignorance is equal to other peoples' knowledge. It allows them to decide that if they make something up and tell themselves that things are that way, then, life will change and will become the way conservatives want life to be. 

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