Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Evil Corporate World

I keep hearing over and over for the past forty years how the big corporate stores come in and take over because they have "corporate money" backing them (I see we are talking about the same distinction types as when recently, the Republicans tried to define "legitimate rape") but money is money. That is how franchises start. Someone making a smaller profit takes business away when you were only trying to buy that fifth SUV or pay for your kids to go that fancy local private school, then I really don't find a lot of sympathy for you. But like most people, small businesses who only think small are not in it for the long haul and the consumer, not the businesses, drive the market. Here is the article I posted on FACEBOOK today:
"...This sounds like an Andy Hardy movie (sorry for the reference that might age some of us). "We can put on a play, dad will let us use the barn, mom can sew the costumes, and EVERYONE IN TOWN WILL PAY TO SEE IT."  Sorry, BUT, ...that would be wonderful if the economy didn't suck so bad. Poor people are forced to resort to buy things they need from large corporate stores like Walmart, K-mart, and Target. I am only surprised that no one talks about all of them instead of just the "EVIL WALMART" who started out as one of those small businesses you talk about but sold goods cheaper and then became huge to meet the demand for goods and services in this economy. If the local "wonderful small business" merchants you speak of could sell things at a competitive price (first off, they wouldn't stay small) we wouldn't even be having this conversation. In reality, when you talk to people like that, they think small and want it all now. forcing you to pay more, instead of working on return business by providing a quality product at a smaller price. That is what makes small businesses become the size of Walmart.  Back when we all lived on a farm or out in the woods somewhere, this idea would have made sense. BUT THIS SHOULD HAVE STARTED IN THE SIXTIES before all this other corporate stuff took root. In larger more industrial type cities all there is anymore are corporate businesses and thrift shops. The little guy who worked out of his house can only be found on the internet and can't be expected to keep up with the demand for goods and services. SOME GUY working out of his house, isn't going to be able to provide what Walmart, Target, K-mart, or even the dollar stores (which are corporate franchises, also, with private owners like most bigger places)  does. I used to hear the same complaint from my then "brother in law", who was an appliance salesman, when Circuit City and Fry's Electronics came to town. "We can't lower our prices to compete." Well then, I guess you don't really want to compete, do you?
This is a wonderful idea although not feasible, I have heard people say this for years, but when it comes down to it. most "small businesses" who stay small are because they don't buy in bulk, take risks, and make a profit on long range from quantity of customers, compared to the guy who still sells for twice as much because he has developed business through a few rich people who still pay more to come to him.
What you are asking the consumer is to pay more instead of asking businesses to sell for less. They can't afford that fifth SUV they wanted or their kids' private school selling competitively. That is what free market means. Most Americans in business want to become rich, that doesn't make them all wrong. Walmart hires people who would not regularly have a job anywhere else then gets blamed for paying them low wages to where they are on food stamps. Most of those people couldn't find a job anywhere else, if they could, why are they working under those conditions? Most of them don't say so but many of them were on food stamps when they started working there."  Don't blame the corporate world for making money, that is what businesses are supposed to do.

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