Friday, November 9, 2012

Their Heads Are Exploding

One has to be careful trying to teach conservatives something new, the result could be frightening.
Their recent lessons are taking a while to sink in, it seems. The fact that they are WRONG, not just kind of have a different opinion, is the problem for most of them. Right now they are still trying to fathom that Fox News and all the other right wing propaganda machine personalities have been lying to them for "campaign donations" for years. 
A) For the past two elections, money and lying didn't buy the election. Despite every dirty trick, including voter suppression, telling people they could vote by phone, throwing away provisional ballots, rigging voting machines, trying to pander to minorities using every dirty trick imaginable and they still lost the election. They are trying to fathom that one first. 
B) They don't understand why saying one thing to sound correct while doing something completely the opposite last week isn't going to be accepted by anyone who thinks critically. (IF you are having trouble yourself with the definition for that one, see this previous post.)
C) They have been proven completely wrong over and over and instead of admitting it, they create a conservative bubble to live in called Fox News, Conservapedia, the Rush Limbaugh Show, the Glenn Beck Show, and many more who lie to them in order to make them feel better. Even Megan Kelly on the eve of the election confronted Karl Rove on the excuses he kept spouting. Her response was priceless. She had asked earlier in the evening before the election was final, as Rove kept spouting numbers no one else had, "Is that the math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better or are those real numbers?" 
I can understand Rove's fear and anxiety. Think about it. If you had just promised Sheldon Adelson, who is connected through the actual Chinese mob from China, not just street gangs here in the U.S., that you can guarantee that if you gave him several million dollars that your candidate who will vote for your bigger tax cuts will SURELY BE ELECTED, you might be kind of nervous.
I can understand Rove's over confidence, after cheating in both the 2000 and 2004 elections and getting away with it, he thought they would have this one in the bag. The problem for Republican strategists is that they keep trying to find a new sales gimmick to sell the same old ideas. These ideas don't work, have been proven to be nonsense, and instead of honestly dealing with issues their ideas depend on the voters being uninformed enough to be afraid of everything and everyone around them that they don't understand. SO, they just don't understand why this worked during perfect conditions in the fifties, but it won't work now.
The fact is that they never worked. Supply side spending is a theory that in actual practice depends on ideal conditions. The population not increasing, the cost of living not going up, no one getting sick or disabled, wages rising, jobs being at a surplus with no unemployment. health care and other cost of living costs not going up, and everyone having the ability to save enough money to buy a home at fifties prices. Those conditions have never existed and never will. But they keep trying to sell them like a snake oil salesman who is selling the same product for one hundred years. If it didn't work the first time, or even the ten or so times I tried it afterwards on your insistence of it's guaranteed results, then why would I trust you again? 
The biggest problem is this. Economic policies are just the smoke and mirror part of the GOP. Their real agenda is to be in control of everyone's personal lives and institute rules that would try to make most Americans subservient and put us under authoritarian rule. They want to repeal rights for minorities, women, and anyone who believes in equal fair treatment and compassion for those who are in unfortunate circumstances. I wouldn't bother to write this if I didn't think it would matter but we need the GOP, the politicians and voters, to understand that they really need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what works before they come up with ideas based on economics that favor only the rich. 
The other thing is that they need severely to root out the poisons that have befallen their "fellowship" that call for extremist political moves demanded by certain parts of their party who organized outside the Republican party and now want to take over. Pandering for those people's votes will continue to keep them being seen as "The Party of Un-Reasonableness and Fear Based Ignorance". That would mean silencing Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the entire right wing propaganda force that would be too lengthy to list here, you know who I mean. 

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