Sunday, November 4, 2012

When Is Rupert Murdoch Going to be Stopped?

If he were an American, it would be different that he is completely misinforming people in favor of whatever the Koch Brothers want him to say. If he were an American we could just try him for treason or demand that the FCC shut him down for the lies he spreads for profit. The phone hacking scandal doesn't seem to be enough for the people who want to trust anything besides a black man in the White House to understand that Murdoch isn't our friend or a decent human being. The Koch brothers "global warming" big misinformation campaign is mainly surrounding the profits of the petroleum industry that they get paid for EVERY TIME someone uses their process for refining oil into gas, which is used by all the refineries in the U.S.. They make money from fossil fuels that our planet needs to be rid of to survive. So they are the main contributors of source for the climate change science denial propaganda. They actually paid a huge fee to the guy lead supposed "scientist" who supported the "climate science is a myth" theory without any actual proof, to do a lengthy scientific experimental investigation and when given the money to do the actual research he found the previous scientists were correct and that his own theories were wrong, to the dismay of the Koch brothers. He published his findings afterwards, making them look as childish as a two year old, screaming, "Mine, Mine, Mine!"
And still we don't seem to have people here who realize this all about destroying the United States. When that happens, only the rich moguls here will be running anything. The government will be powerless and basically mute. I realize this might sound apocalyptic to some people but it is honestly how far these people will go to act like a two year old with someone else's property, no matter how big or small, they always want more. This isn't a conspiracy theory, it is actually happening and they are trying to steal our election and with headlines like "Rupert Murdoch Warns Christie to Re-Declare for Romney"  at I have to wonder how this is allowed. The intimidation that is tantamount to extortion against a United States Governor falls under the heading of conspiracy to commit fraud and a state of corruption in the this country and I don't think we are able to afford to allow ourselves to be bought at this point. Look at Hurricane Sandy on the eve of the election as idiots like the Koch Brothers are still trying to play the "trust me" game with the American people.
The reason I will never trust anyone like that again is because everyday I see their lies and propaganda and Murdoch's influence has done nothing but take us down further. I think they are already betting or buying shares of the United States after they turn it into a third world country like India was before Gandhi. If this sounds to you like I am an extremist who doesn't understand the global world economy and the necessity to improve from the bottom up after it hits bottom, then you don't understand America.
We have been a nation of strong independent workers and farmers for a couple centuries so we aren't going to sell out to a bunch of foreign "wanna be" aristocrats that think their inheritances make them the "ruling class". They like Mitt Romney. If anyone can look at Mitt Romney's background and not see the word "entitlement" in every sentence he speaks, then you aren't paying close enough attention. The fact that a politician is lame enough to use the foreign propaganda publisher who calls himself a "tabloid news king" like Murdoch as an ally instead of outing him as an enemy to democracy shows just who Mitt Romney really is, despite the million faces he tries to wear on the campaign trail. 

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