Thursday, November 8, 2012

Will the GOP Voters Ever Figure it Out???

The GOP is finally trying to figure out what they did wrong. Trying the same thing harder and faster didn't work. "Hall of Fame"-er Reggie Jackson actually said that the best presidency would be Obama for president and Romney for vice president. Think about,"How logical does that sound?" I don't know about you but to me, that sounds desperate. The media is trying to say anything but what the problem is. Some of the mainstream are talking today about the "demographic problem" with the Latino voters who turned out in outstanding numbers because of what the media is calling a demographic problem. I am sure Mitt Romney pandering to a crowd of mostly Latino voters wearing face make-up that was dark brown didn't help that one.

The mainstream media doesn't want to state the obvious. It isn't a TYPE OF PEOPLE that Romney and the rest of the main GOP candidates don't find a relation with. IT IS PEOPLE IN GENERAL. The media can't - like you and I can, just come right out and say, "You are backwards thinking, low priority, pandering, lying, offensive assholes."
It didn't take people long to figure out that Romney and Ryan were promising to do in ten years what they were blaming the president for not making come true in four. You would think after a while (the past 50 plus years) that they would be logical enough to figure it out. Liberal leaning media tries to explain that the GOP demographic is only one type of person. They try to tell the GOP that the rich white guy is the only one their candidates are going to appeal to. As in the cases of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, that doesn't hold true. The problem is their lack of ideological significance to the average humane person of any sex or type of person who isn't a rich person who is kind of shady. Their whole political strategy is to promote these ideas:
Does this sound like the same thing said by anyone in the past that you know of?

and the fact of the matter is that their policies, especially the ones concerning economics have already been proven to be SHIT. Their ideologies about people suck and are exclusive towards certain types of people, but they want everyone to vote for them. This year they once again tried to sell the idea that the George Bush type of economic strategy would work, maybe, this time. They don't want to believe that everyone else, including ex-Republicans (what I call recovering conservatives) this year spoke out in a call for rational thinking economic strategies and all inclusive social policies. One can't help think of the insanity of the alcoholic personality that is described as, "Repeatedly taking the same action, while each time expecting different results."  They think THIS TIME we are going to believe them. NOT
I want to interject something here. This is where the rich white guys (or the richest any color of guys) comes in.  They have to be GREEDY rich guys who don't mind cheating on income taxes to be able to profit from those kind of economics because a) they believe their wealth entitles them to being above the law most of us have to live with, which the courts often enforce, and b) they are the ONLY ONES who do profit from it because they are in industries that serve government interests, like military or other contracts. 
Outright lies haven't worked with everyone every time. I still can't believe that anyone believed the 'swift boat' strategy propaganda that was all BULLSHIT against John Kerry. After he exposed Dick Cheney for telling us that Saddam Hussein attacked us on nine eleven during the debate the two of them had and mentioned that Dick's daughter must find it hard to have a dad who works for someone who thinks gays are being gay by choice and living in sin, I thought they, the Bushites (the name even implies Bullshit), were finished - but they instead took their lying to a new level and many people were taken in by the "turd blossom" - Karl Rove.

But the Republican strategists have learned one sure fire method of how to control people (besides news media fear propaganda like FAUX NEWS). They found a demographic that they can control, which is, to their great displeasure, depleting and becoming less and less. You will notice if you look at the numbers of RELIGIOUS PEOPLE in the United States, that their numbers are growing less and less. People like Rick Santorum even blame education in teaching people the truth about science, nature, logic, history, geology, and astronomy that because they learn things that conflict with the bible (which are actually proven factual evidence) for being "Indoctrination Mills" that pump out non-religious people who have, as he puts it, NO FAITH. The evidence says one thing but he wants us to believe another. You might notice as soon as he started talking about that stuff, the rest of the GOP tuned him out (and basically silenced him) before he spilled the beans. They knew if he explained to people who are uneducated religious people who do everything based on the "faith in religious leaders" (who control the masses for the government, and therefore remain tax exempt), that FAITH equals belief in BULLSHIT that goes against any scientific evidence, facts, and logic that they would lose their foothold on some communities out there.
As was stated in the movie "Leap of Faith", "...When any place is as far down as these people are, then they have no place else to turn but TO JESUS".  This is why the Catholic Church loves third world countries that have teaming masses of starving people and why they are against stopping over population, which is why they are against birth control and abortion. If people weren't suffering, what would they have to pray about? You see places like this which are all trimmed and decorated with gold and silver while the people of the same church give their last few pennies, or pesos in this case, while half of them can't eat that day.
B16 at OL Lady Cathedral Leo Mexico Mar 25 2012.jpg

Faith that things will get better if we pray may make us feel better temporarily, but only by coincidence does that thing we are praying for come true. Many of us have tried to get something or do something that wasn't in the cards for us for years through prayer until someone of the clergy finally sat us down and explained that doesn't work. They have many excuses but the only logical one is that God does not become personally involved in a human life. I personally believe in a  higher power of a type that is more like the energy that flows inside us, is part of the universe and mother earth, but I don't believe in the "spook in the sky" that sits on clouds on a throne, watches each of us individually and gets involved in our everyday individual lives. (I believe we have to align our will with that of the higher energy source/divine intelligence of some kind.) He is the same guy they tell us watches our every move like some cosmic Santa Clause, keeps a list of who is bad or good. and who will either reward or punish us "someday". Sounds like Mitt Romney's campaign promises ("We will get back to you on that after the election.").  I contend that all religions contain mythology and that as thinking people we need to be wary of anyone trying to sell us something "Some Day".  I still love the quote from Henry David Thoreau that goes, "When you see a man approaching you with the obvious intention of doing you good, .... run for your life." That is how I view anyone who is trying to hard sell me on anything, whether actual sales people or self appointed authority figures.
When political strategists like the ones on the right continue to lie, they are going to lose. When they continue to deny climate science (during hurricanes) and try to get pandering morons like Pat Robertson to tell people that earthquakes are created by making pacts with the devil (that seems to be a common theme with him) instead of the fact that the tectonic plates are colliding beneath the earth's crust, then he is perpetuating mythology. You will notice the ignorant religious leaders like that are the same ones who cling to the Republican party and vice versa. You can draw your own conclusion. I think it is because if you find an empire that is already being run by mythological figures, then you have two choices. Either you attempt to explain the whole thing away to people who have been living in that belief for thousands of years and don't appreciate your help in the matter OR ,...
you can just walk up next to the guy who is spreading more mythological explanations that are complete nonsense, put your arm  around his shoulders, and then look at the crowd and say, "Yeah, just like he said, I am one of you and I believe that, too. Oh, and by the way, VOTE FOR ME."
The fact remains that for the past ten years running, people more and more are seeing through the pomp, ceremony, smoke and mirrors and instead of changing their ways and their product, the GOP just keeps trying to change the packaging.

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