Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Today, some of the people in America can relax. The election is over. I saw a cartoon of a family with the wife on the phone and the husband ready to jump out the window, with the caption, "Stand by, in a few minutes I will tell you whether to jump or not", while watching the television coverage of the election results. I realized that is how I felt. I used to believe that it didn't matter who was in office, the bureaucrats were the only ones in charge. Then I lived through eight years of the Bush administration that was a complete era of lies and deceit that was founded on lies and deceit and right now rather than pass a law that lying to the American people is a federal offense, these people who lie are considered to be "aggressively campaigning". Those of us who don't believe lying is a common place concept when informing the public, we don't think it is time to rest. To those of us who realize that media used as propaganda for corporate fascists that want us to believe corporations are people, too, it is just the beginning. It is going to be hard to top the first four years. In fact, it will be hard to top the first two. Rachel Maddow gave us a beautiful recap of the first two years last night.

I merely wish to add to this, in saying that last night, millions of dollars of Republican corporatism fascist ideologies and propaganda campaigns failed because we, as a nation, didn't let small minds win. To those of you who say that it doesn't matter whether or not you vote, I give this as a reply. 
If people wanting to control our government for money in order to make bigger profits by not paying taxes don't care about giving back and doing something good with Americans except browbeating, intimidating, using us for slave labor and all because of their unlimited greed, get finally ousted from their thrones of influence because we don't let money buy our votes, because we don't let ourselves bow down to authoritarian rule, that we don't let ourselves become intimidated by allowing ourselves to abandon critical thinking, logic, facts, mathematics, science, and reality in the name of "following authority figures" that self appoint themselves to positions of aristocracy based on their inherited wealth, then we can't be controlled. To those of you who think it doesn't matter who you vote for, I salute you for being able to manipulate yourself into a position that most thinking people cannot attain. I only have one more thing to say to you and that is, 

"Your problem is obvious!"

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