Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ann Coulter-ism

I am using her name (Ann Coulter) only because she has been stupid enough to come right out and say what the "conservative Christian" true goal might be for many who have been indoctrinated into Christianity whole-heartedly. Several of the "ends justify the means" thinking people need to think about this. In the course of things, this is actually bandwagon thinking, which is also considered "mob rule".
I will let you decide how sane this sounds when she is in a room full of liberal people and doesn't have someone like Bill O'Reilly or Shawn Hannity virtually patting her on the back and telling her how right she is about everything. Secretly, a lot of people indoctrinated by the church and the church itself actually had this as a goal for ages and are once again rearing the ugly head of global greed that was displayed during the Crusades. Please watch the video before continuing the read the entire article: 
Before anyone starts trying to defend what she said because of her emotionalism after the nine eleven attacks, my point is that we attacked the wrong country over oil based on lies purported by a policy coup whose main goal was to convert Muslim nations to Christianity and Democracy and you can see how well that worked out. One of George Bush Junior's first statements was, "We can't fight terror with common warfare..." and then he went right ahead and attempted to do just that in countries that had NOTHING to do with us being attacked or weapons of mass destruction. If you are still ignorant enough to believe that is incorrect, then I suggest you do two things. 1) Learn to use critical thinking instead of being a sheep and 2) watch this video of General Wesley Clarke. 

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