Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Are You Smarter Than A Sixth Grader?

I am not talking about the television show, I am speaking about the society we live in. First, in the sixth grade we learn about civics in the United States and get a brief outline on the powers of government. First, there are three branches of governmental power.
  1. The first is the Executive Branch, which is a president, governor, or mayor. These are the people who ultimately consider themselves responsible for "attempting to" get the other branches to work properly through dialogue and logical campaigns of cooperation. The president can only direct, advise, and sanction laws and legislation. There are no rulers in government per the United States Constitution.
  2. The second is the Legislative Branch, which is the people who write and pass legislation into law. They are the ones who are responsible to the public for being "The Voice of the People" in any law, tax, levy, policy, and disputes that our government has with anyone in society. (We can only be responsible for governing ourselves. These people are supposed to be servants of the people, not rulers.) 
  3. The Judicial Branch is the third and final branch of government, and is considered the final word on interpretation of laws, although it is not advised to "legislate from the bench", or make decisions that are  unpopular based on personal bias, although judges in all levels of court from Municipal Courts (city courts) to the Supreme Court (federal law decisions) are human and there is apt to be some bias in some cases.
Lately, much of our country, the United States of America, has been tricked by certain news media and some legislators into believing that the Executive Branch of Government is a supreme ruler. Some presidents in the past made decisions for our country that the nation decided were wrong later on, in spite of the fact that they would have voted for or written to the president to enact such emergency legislation as was the case with the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center in New York. The George W. Bush administration decided we needed to go to war in Iraq before the attack and then made it a priority along with getting the Patriot Act (That one act was passed through congress without them reading it and enacted a complete control by the president and allowed the president powers to make legislative decisions, judicial powers, and compromised the privacy and safety of every United States citizen under the guise of a need for security.)
The president can't do what he wants with our country without the complete cooperation the majority of congress.
Those in congress who impede progress in order to further an agenda of blame on the president need to be removed through the process of having a recall election when the people see that they aren't cooperating to cause progress and the benefit of all in our society.
This nation was formed in the beginning by farmers and people who would be considered ignorant and uneducated by today's standards, but the rules were clear set that if the majority of the people demand something then, congress is supposed to comply. It is not their job to tell people what they need. That is called FASCISM and we have no ruling class in the United States, although some wealthy people think that they are going to continue to be allowed to do so. The majority of Americans voted for progress and it hasn't been put into legislation and anyone who is continuing to control legislation and keeping us from said progress is the problem and needs to be removed immediately. Everyone in every state needs to find out what the process is to have a senator or representative recalled from office and do it today with anyone who seeks to stall progress in this country.

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