Monday, December 10, 2012

Form letter from Jon Kyl

I sent a scathing letter to Jon Kyl today and this is all I got as a response. The lame duck session and Mitch McConnell filibustering his own motion were on my mind when I read that Lindsey Graham publicly stated that he is going to do everything he can to block any legislation and cause a default in our credit rating by pushing us over the fiscal cliff when that arises. This is the reply I receieved from Senator Jon Kyl, who is in charge of federal agencies investigations and problems one of his constituents might address.
"...Thank you for your communication.
As you may know, the Senate recently convened for a short lame-duck session, and my decision to retire when my term expires at the end of the year requires me to begin preparing now for the shutdown of normal office operations and the transition of responsibilities to my successor, Senator-elect Jeff Flake. As office computers are prepared for shutdown, office files are archived, and members of my staff begin leaving for other opportunities, my ability to respond to constituents' communications will become increasingly limited. I hope you can understand.

While I may not be able to address your specific comments, I will continue to review all messages that I receive, including those about issues that are expected to arise during the lame-duck session. I would also encourage you to share your views with Senator McCain and your House member, and, of course, with Senator-elect Flake when he is seated in January.

It has been a privilege to represent you in the United States Senate. Thank you for that opportunity, and thank you for caring enough to share your views.


United States Senator"

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