Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The GOP Are Just Ignorant

The arguments I have heard have been nothing but smoke screens and at this point I am fuming. Today, during a discussion that hinges on the fact that the GOP wants to secure tax cuts for the rich that the Bush administration (the same guys who brought us the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq without paying for them by raising taxes), that were supposed to be a "temporary tax holiday", but which have been in place for eleven years now and haven't help create jobs, which was the reason they were given in the first place. BUT, they want to cut Social Security, Medicare, and food stamps for poor families, the unemployed, the disabled, etc. because they think that is the problem.
Really? Are they truly worried about money while trying to ruin the United States' credit standing with our lenders and all to hold us hostage over Grover Norquist and the idea that we are running out of money? If that is so, then explain to me what happened here.
I remember about eight years ago, when there was much discussion about "space exploration" and how expensive it was considering it hadn't netted us any usable information and we were trying to find a way to pay for these wars and increase jobs AND we were in a recession.
So, here is my question. If we are so broke, then what the hell are we doing making the "X-37B" a secret Air Force project and paying for it with our military spending budget that we all agreed that we seriously need to cut? Am I the only one who sees this as a complete bullshit excuse to the American public and a way that the ignorant people like Newt Gingrich believe we should spend our money instead of feeding the poor. He plans on seeing a colony on the moon sometime soon, from what he told us at the Republican Candidate debates this year. I guess some rich people like him believe they are going to ruin the environment here and move on so they "really need" programs like this to further their future plans while making working class people pay for it with their income taxes and hiding the expenditure for their personal projects under a "Secret Military" security so the rest of us didn't know what was going on.
This is disgusting to me and I urge everyone to write to their congressmen who voted for this and tell them what you think. If you doubt that it exists or are any other kind of conspiracy nut case, here is the video from today.

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