Monday, February 11, 2013

My Letter to Lindsey Graham

"You and John McCain and Joe Lieberman are NOT in charge of national security and it would be nice if you let them do their job and quit wasting the country's time with your pandering and political circus propaganda filibusters that don't do anything but make you look ignorant.
A) Paul Ryan and the tea baggers defunded a whole bunch of the embassy security that the national financial problems started by your party letting George W. Bush start two wars under false pretenses without raising taxes to pay for it. Getting rid of Social Security so you don't have to pay back the money your party stole out of it isn't going to happen.
B) No one elected you to be "IN CHARGE OF" security briefings, written by the CIA and read by the White House. Attacking the president as if he threw a bomb at the embassy is a stupid waste of time and no one in the public believes it was his fault and the nation is sick of attacks on the president because he won't support tax cuts for rich people. Mitt Romney already stuck his head in this noose. But I do want to thank you for making yourself a target for your next election, as someone we (The whole damn nation, not a handful of rich out of touch moron politicians.) need to get rid of on the next Rotation. I guess you didn't get the picture during the recent presidential election. Keep your head down or it will be gone soon. You are self destructing, not only as a politician, but making your party look corrupted and ignorant.
Thank you so much,
A concerned voter"
I suggest that EVERYONE write to Lindsey Graham to let him know we are sick of him and the rest of the Republican goons wasting our country's time which should be spent on progress. You can contact him at :

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