Friday, February 22, 2013

My Letter to Marco Rubio

I won't insult you by trying to tell you what I think of your misinformed opinion. Alternative fuels won't ruin the economy. Big Oil making more billions of dollars a year won't be worth much if we can't breathe. There is no "JURY STILL OUT" on climate change as you know we have all the scientists in all the world telling us the XL pipeline will be (from the NASA scientists) game over for the planet if we use that much of our gas supply. Fracking must be stopped because of environmental concerns about the waste it produces. We don't have another planet when we ruin the environment on this one. I don't know what you were thinking but switching from oxygen poor to oxygen rich safety measures CAN BE INSTITUTED BY GOVERNMENT and if they are not, then you will be killing your constituency. You can have your own opinion, based on things that have no proof, but you can't have your own reality where we all live in the Cleaver household and everything is great. Your denial is one more example that the Republicans don't need to change their message, they need to start acting like they have a brain and change their policies that are hurting our society. Trees and plants provide oxygen and we've torn all that down to make junk mail. So we have no oxygen going into the atmosphere and we are breathing what is left. The world is over populated because of people who think abortion and birth control are "evil" and that will have to stop before the whole world becomes like third world nations with thousands of starving masses and that is where the U.S. is headed soon. I don't know why you think lying about all this on television makes it so. Saying things are a certain way only makes it like that in the minds of the delusional. Insanity is described as repeating the same action, each time expecting a different result. Republican failed policies are NOT going to work, someday maybe like the trailer park reject redneck morons think it will. Supply side spending only works for those at the top and only for a while because conditions being perfect, the cost of living going down, wages and jobs going up, and everyone working and being prosperous and paying income taxes and NO ONE CHEATING or exploiting the system the way the banks and large corporations do on grand scales, so it isn't going to work because it doesn't take one aspect of American traditions into respect and that is Unlimited Greed. Fix your attitude, fix your policies to match, then worry about what you say or you will always have to lie.

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