Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Healthcare Whiners

There was a time in history, during the industrial revolution, that employers actually gave a damn about their employees. Employers and employees had a quality beneficial for each other known loyalty. But, modern greed did away with that. If you look at the Christmas Carol that story showed something. Scrooge would have been the old version of Gordon Gecko in the movie, Wall Street, who believed that "...greed is good...", but ask yourself, what did Scrooge learn at the end of the story. 
His comment was that Bob Cratchit needed to start letting Scrooge, his employer, help take care of Bob's family. People used to actually feel like that. That story was about the centermost important problem in American politics right now. Accusing poor people who are sick or disabled of being moochers is twisted and ridiculous and shows no kind of human compassion or sense of responsibility as a human being. This is the very antipathy of the supposed "holy spirit" that Conservative Christians go on and on about. It's not that I believe in the bible but that I have read it and I turned from the Christian religion because it's followers aren't aware of what it says and that is the fault of the Christian religions, not the bible.

The American Aristocracy

I hope you all are paying extreme attention to this one, since, like my previous posts, this isn't about a word being misused, it is about something that is happening that isn't being spoken about. The word is Aristocracy and the definition per the dictionary is: ar·is·toc·ra·cy [ar-uh-stok-ruh-see] noun, plural ar·is·toc·ra·cies.
1. a class of persons holding exceptional rank and privileges, especially the hereditary nobility.
2.  a government or state ruled by an aristocracy, elite, or privileged upperclass.
3.  government by those considered to be the best or most able people in thestate.
4.  a governing body composed of those considered to be the best or mostable people in the state.
5.  any class or group considered to be superior, as through education, ability,wealth, or social prestige.
Anyone who believes that we should still have an Aristocracy in the United States needs to seriously look at what the Revolutionary War was about and in fact what ALL revolutions in the past have been about.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Conservatives, Grow the F**k Up, Now!

The "rich white boys club" that some people still call the Republican Party is a bunch of immature men with no critical thinking skills. I want to plead with them but the facts are obvious and resounded through the language used by so many of their pundits. But, that would take them being able to listen to anything long enough to understand it with an open mind. They are incapable. I will tell you why in detail in this article. First, I should say that I am white, live in Arizona (a Republican controlled state), was raised as a Methodist, and grew up in a conservative environment. Some people are capable of seeking truth and some just seek the status quo. I am one of the former. That doesn't just happen.
Most conservatives think in terms of their mainstream religion. There are three main religions in the United States who have the most advertising and public indoctrination used and so promote themselves actively, not through attraction to their principles but by indoctrinating their followers' children as soon as they are able to come to the "place of worship". All of these mainstream religions are Abrahamic, which is important, because they are all full of the same antiquated thinking and hierarchical beliefs. No matter how "open minded" a true conservative is, he can't see beyond these things without losing faith in the entire package. First, let me explain hierarchical thinking.
There is no hierarchy of man except in Western style supposed Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) and most people don't know that they are all branches of the same tree. Christianity has only been around for the past 500 years, although the history revisionists that don't want you to know that it stems from King James's need to control the masses when he was in power. Previous to that, there was Constantine, who broke them up into three religions instead of one massive hive of mythology so that it wasn't so far fetched and was more commanding sounding. None of us was told by our parents that we can decide to go to church by our own choosing and to shop around and find one we wanted or to choose not to go at all. Most of us who grew up with mainstream religion were thrust into it beginning with the indoctrination they call "catechism" that amounts to one joining the church as an official member. When they should be kissing your behind and paying you to listen to their mythology, they instead, act like the one being indoctrinated has to "measure up" and prove himself by doing what is expected of him, including tithing.