Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mitch McConnell Got Caught Conspiring And Whines About It

I am writing this today in response to the Huffington Post article stating that Mitch McConnell was supposedly "...Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Leaked Ashley Judd Tape", as if anyone expects anything from McConnell to be "ethical". The subheadline states that, "...McConnell Camp Blasts Gestapo Tactics". (Does anyone actually believe anything some right wing corporate stooge says when they use the word Gestapo, as if being accused of doing something the public already knows about is "Nazi-ism". They started the whole article wrong, in my opinion, because they used an oxymoron. They mentioned Mitch McConnell and then used the "E" word.
Ethics? Someone is expecting Mitch McConnell to do something ethical? Not only is bugging someone else's phone calls (that Republicans seem to ignore the fact that it's illegal and that is what caused the recent Rupert Murdoch's whole world to be under inspection and the word "Scandal" painted over the whole situation in the news) and taking part of what is called "a conspiracy" in secret with his staff (the probable source of him being bugged and recorded, his own staff) launch a smear campaign unethical but McConnell's whole existence is unethical.
He is a U.S. Congressman who blocks legislation that would return American jobs to our own country that his party helped make possible, decimating the factory worker jobs we used to excel at, but he is doing so while making millions of dollars of Chinese corporate money (his bank account increased from 3 million to over 27 million in four years) through his wife, Elaine Chao (G.W. Bush's secretary of labor, the only one who remained in his cabinet for both full terms) and her father's corporate cronies in China. He has single-handedly led all the main obstruction in congress, slowing down progress for the whole nation's recovery, while lining his own pockets through aiding to the problems. Then, after actually being such a detriment to society, he tries to blame everything he does on the president as if he thinks the public can't read what he votes on and his statements in the news. His only statement when asked why his party lost the election in 2008, about a Democratic president beating an old decrepit John McCain angry old eyesore of the human being, was that his party's number one goal was to "make Obama a one term president. His plan was that while the country was desperately trying to find solutions to what problems our citizens were experiencing through criminal level stealing of our money by banks to gamble at the casino on Wall Street, and then after losing the money, getting two bailouts and pocketing them both by giving them selves bonuses for stealing from us was to stop progress and try to blame his actions on the president. His party repealed the ethics regulations that create the economic downturns and then whines about how he is being treated unfairly after he gets caught doing the same thing Richard Nixon was impeached for. He is a blight on America, especially Kentucky, and is only in office because uninformed people in Kentucky (the majority of people there, it seems) keep voting for any a**hole that mentions the word "Big Coal" in his campaign rhetoric to the self deluded people in the notorious black lung capital, as if he gives a damn about them - while watching them kill themselves, making his corporate cronies rich, instead of seeing that the conditions for miners get improved through health and ethics restrictions. He should be trying to incorporate green energy and getting his whole state set on developing solar and wind technology but instead would rather they talk about the words "clean coal" as if there is such a thing. That's as stupid as saying "dry water".

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