Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fellowship and Spiritual Connection

I am touched by something today that I don't want to describe in finite terms. The fact that people have gotten together in groups to feel a thing that we can only describe as "FELLOWSHIP" for as long as man has existed, shows that power and energy that connects us all. I dare you to walk into a Pentecostal Church during a high point in their fellowship, a room full of monks chanting (no matter what faith), to stand in an 12 step meeting at the end while there is a couple thousand people together in prayer to their higher power, or just two people who love each other, you can TRY not to feel something but I think anything outside of being like a deer in the forest, you are going to feel that connection between all of us. If you ever go to a place in nature that is awesome and can't help but feel a force that makes you wonder how we could possibly want to destroy nature and our environment, then you have felt the force in that part of the equation.

If you don't feel anything and don't understand any of what I am talking about then, in my opinion, there has to be something dead inside you. I feel actual sympathy and pity for people like that. My story is of the awakening of the heart and mind of someone who tried to kill those feelings for half their life and is spending the other half trying to get them back. All of us want something, no matter what our life might lead us to, called "happiness" which sounds all too simple but comes in time with something we didn't expect called "peace".

When I say peace, I don't just mean an end to war, I mean inner peace that most of us find scarcely often because we commit to trying to find it in other means other than looking inside ourselves and that is the end of the journey. I myself can only find it in bits and pieces at this point as I am rarely as spiritually based as I would like to be. To be honest with myself and other, I have to admit that I have "concerns" that I seem to find more important at times. I have come to understand that some Americans strive for and are compelled to desire a path that takes them away from any form of inner peace, because they are greedy, selfish, indoctrinated in covetous behavior, or believe that they have to have "things" to be happy.

I also believe that some people mistake the feeling of fellowship and a kind of mob rule or hysteria as being touched by God. I have done that before and self deluded myself into all sorts of fixed beliefs that I had to let go of. I can't talk about them openly in public because they are common and saying they are what they are disturbs people who are still self deluded. Yours is not my journey so I can only say you have to look inside yourself to see if that is what you are doing. I can only speak of my own life and feelings. It is easy to get caught up in that feeling/connection with a group of people and mistake it's origin and actual content. Some things like that I am grateful for because at times in my life being deluded might have been the only reason I survived and tried to continue and persevered. Losing one's attachments is a frightening thing for most people. I might not have survived without them at one time but as has been pointed out to me along the way, they were survival skills that I no longer need.

There are some people in the United States that I believe are self deluded into believing that reality can be a matter of perception. Selfish desire can be relieved by non-selfish perception. But facts are facts and they aren't open to interpretation or likes or dislikes, opinions, or fantasies of "how we would like things to be" based on fear and tribal indoctrination. Some scholars and clergy will tell us that we must let go of these things but we find ourselves too full of other options, at least in our minds, that we ignore the forest because we are fixated on the
good fortune of one of it's trees. The world is too vast and plentiful to allow any persons or groups of people to claim ownership to all of it. That would be like one bird or flock of waterfowl trying to claim territorial rights to the lake that they are all swimming on. They simply enjoy what is before them and learn to peacefully coexist.

There are claims of territories in nature but once they are decided, their territories don't grow to claim all of the land they exist in. Some people just will never understand that and to them, I feel a lack of understanding because they completely lack the compassion it takes to see that someone else has needs just like they do that are unalienable human rights. That means they are denying their own intelligence the credit it deserves in being able to learn to feel good about giving to another human being.

Our country guides our thoughts and dreams today as it goes through a large upheaval in trust. Some is manufactured and some is real. Whenever anyone starts a sentence out with the words, "What if..." then, I know the rest of it is conjecture and most likely not a researched fact. Let me be clear on that one word. As per the dictionary, a fact is defined as
1. something that actually exists; reality; truth:
2. something known to exist or to have happened:
3. a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true: ..."

As I said, NOT left up to YOUR or MY interpretation or wishes, comfort zone, or beliefs. They just are. Anything else is plain wrong. And anything you think you know and are not sure of and when examining it, we realize that we don't remember when or where we started believing that, we realize that THAT is a view to which we are attached and probably really never needed.

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