Tuesday, July 30, 2013

OMG, They're Spying On Us!

Being offended by the government spying on U.S. citizens is ridiculous, in my opinion. At one time it wasn't supposed to be necessary. When our founding fathers wrote the constitution, we all lived without great privacy, so all you had to do to spy on your neighbor was look outside. Some people I know believe the NSA Spectrum program means that every phone conversation and email (think about how many of those a minute in the U.S. that go on) is being surveilled. They literally would only have time to listen to someone of importance (of course that would include all Fox News watchers, according to Fox) and that person would have to suspected of something dangerous to themselves or others, including conspiracy and harboring.
I can tell you why spying internally is necessary. The Boston Marathon bombers, Timothy McVeigh & accomplices, the "Uni-bomber", along with every other 'domestic terrorist' and mass murderer - were American citizens. Also, the president gets informed by the military and U.S. intelligence/police agencies what they are doing without his express consent or usually without his knowledge (until after the factor) and when they (NSA, FBI, CIA, etc.) don't do something you like, BLAME THEIR DIRECTORS - NOT THE PRESIDENT!
And when we hear about some intel operation that netted several terrorists it would seem that we would be grateful, but NO- we want to bitch because it took "SPYING" to gain the proper intelligence, AND THEN - some of us bitch about our privacy, as if we are afraid that the United States government is concerned with our lives when we aren't doing anything wrong.
It reminds me of the Meth Head "tweakers" of my yesteryears who looked for narcotics officers in bushes that were a whole five and 1/2 inches tall and were sure that every police agency ("THEY" that were 'after us all') in the free world was following them because, of course, they had in their possession at least, let's say, a whole quarter gram!
Come on people I know your crazy uncle warned you about that awful "Big Brother" that is coming to get you, but if that is true, he would be locked up! We are just NOT that fu**ing important, OKAY?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oh My God, Here We Go Again!

Is anyone paying attention??? 
Okay, it looks like Wall Street is already making excuses for their manufacture of another big financial crisis. As I have explained before, it's not rocket science, if you panic and take all the money out, the amount in goes down. They waited until we got the economy recovering in the financial sector and they are selling out their stocks while they are at a premium and acting like, "EWWW, the market did it!" 

Just as John McCain admitted destruction of the Glass Steagall act was a bad idea (I have a sneaking suspicion his timing for saying this was to deflect attention from himself and what is really going on.) and they realize regulations are going to be coming again, they now are pulling a "Run At The Bank" at the Wall Street banks. 

Here we go again, it's not a recession, it's another mass rip-off! Now Ben Bernanke's recent speeches make sense. The Federal Reserve orchestrated another robbery of the American economy.   

Saturday, July 13, 2013

To All The George Zimmerman Defender Wannabe's

Common Logic: (some of you should try it)
Neighborhood Watch means just that, even mentioning Neighborhood Watch shows that you are making excuses , BECAUSE, there are rules. I have been on Neighborhood Watch before, so I know what it entails. First the police come out and tell you, in a group(which George Zimmerman had to have attended to be "on neighborhood watch patrol").

Neighborhood Watch Rules:
1) No carrying of weapons. (That is the police' job and Zimmerman wasn't carrying a loaded gun by accident, he was hoping for the chance to shoot someone.)

2) You are there to, as the name implies, WATCH ONLY, you are not to confront ANYONE, also the policeman's job.
3) Then, only when you actually see a crime being committed, are you supposed to call the police, ...(Zimmerman caused so many false alarms that the dispatcher immediately asked, "Are you following him?" He said, "Yeah!" She told him not to, and he refused, directly disobeying police procedure, at which point he ceased being a neighborhood watch volunteer and he was now a vigilante, stalking Trayvon with a loaded gun, probably in his hand.)

You can try to blame the young man all you want because people who look like him scare you, no matter how many excuses or "dangerous black guy" stories you try to tell yourself, and no matter what you see on TV to justify it - that IS BEING A RACIST BIGOT, no matter how many excuses you try to use. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

D. C. Threatens Big Box Stores, Walmart is Running

‘Living wage’ mandate in D.C. sends Walmart running (via Raw Story )

Walmart on Tuesday threatened to abandon three planned stores in Washington, D.C. if the city enacted a so-called “living wage” bill targeting big-box stores. The Large Retailer Accountability Act was passed in the D.C. Council in late June by a…

Friday, July 5, 2013

The American Apartheid Movement Needs To Be Stopped

The majority of Republicans may not agree, but if that is true then, they need to tell the extremists that their lunacy is not acceptable because today's Republican leaders in government have become "The American Apartheid Movement" and must be handled the same way Nelson Mandela did in Africa and Gandhi did in India. Protest and resistance through civil disobedience. In Indiana, North Carolina, and Texas people have marched out into the street at the state legislatures to demand their laws be returned to democratic establishment instead of the "apartheid style" fascism that was attempted.

I am going to establish a new grassroots movement entitled "The Anti-'American Apartheid' Movement" or perhaps "The American Anti-Apartheid Movement"  We are not necessarily Democrats and don't fall into the category of liberals (which implies "opinion based thinking") although we may agree more with non-conservatives, although what we seek and aspire to is the actual truth, based on facts and that is the middle, not left or right. We don't abide, endorse, or agree with any form of discrimination of people based on race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation - since discrimination is wrong and is what allows fascism, dictatorships, apartheid, and all other manner of human rights crimes to exist and thrive. We see some that try to say discriminating against their form of discrimination is wrong and we won't validate their stupidity and hatefulness for any reason no matter what the excuse/excuses. We totally disagree with the idea that anyone's bigotry, resentment, or hate is "the right kind".

In closing, the more intelligent and educated one is, the less that that person can believe in racism. Racism is built on following authoritarian leadership and the more one studies injustice, the more they see the stupidity in trying to rationalize it. The true backbone of racism and all other discrimination is uninformed fear. Those capable of critical thinking don't base their opinions on uninformed fear.