Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oh My God, Here We Go Again!

Is anyone paying attention??? 
Okay, it looks like Wall Street is already making excuses for their manufacture of another big financial crisis. As I have explained before, it's not rocket science, if you panic and take all the money out, the amount in goes down. They waited until we got the economy recovering in the financial sector and they are selling out their stocks while they are at a premium and acting like, "EWWW, the market did it!" 

Just as John McCain admitted destruction of the Glass Steagall act was a bad idea (I have a sneaking suspicion his timing for saying this was to deflect attention from himself and what is really going on.) and they realize regulations are going to be coming again, they now are pulling a "Run At The Bank" at the Wall Street banks. 

Here we go again, it's not a recession, it's another mass rip-off! Now Ben Bernanke's recent speeches make sense. The Federal Reserve orchestrated another robbery of the American economy.   

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