Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Party of "STUPID" Defining Itself

When someone in the Republican Party calls themselves conservatives,  we have to be careful not to let them do that for an important reason. They are usually being much too kind. Robert Reich was probably the first one who said the term in print that I prefer. He called them Regressives. I agree.
I have spoken in detail about the problem of letting them define themselves and us being one of our main problems. They define themselves in ambiguous terms and call us liberal for believing in facts and reality. They openly deny science as if them saying something makes it real and they are the only ones allowed to have a voice. That is like the bully in Kindergarten.
When the country desperately needs to move forward, the Party of Progressives -Democrats, is struggling with Regressives for two things.
1) The guts to move forward without feeling like someone is going to make us look bad or say something rude about us. We, for some reason, seem to be desperately clinging to the idea of  "not sinking to their level of rude bullying" while being taken advantage of. This is important because the Democrats in Washington, D.C., as was said in the show "Newsroom", "...if liberals are so damned smart, how come they lose so 'all the time'?" The answer to that is we have to quit playing nice with a people who have the personality of a badger. They don't care about being nice, they only care about control. We always want to appear to be polite and to crazy angry stupid people, that is considered a sign of weakness and they take advantage by trying to strike the same unreal fears in other "regressives" like themselves. They gain support by saying outlandish things that can be considered by most people as rude. They then "apologise" afterwards and move on like it never happened. Their apologies are usually always way too indirect and disconnected, as if they don't realize that they really did anything wrong.
2) Control in a match with selfish people. Remember the kid in preschool or kindergarten class who, when the teacher showed you how to play musical chairs, and when the music stopped he decided that just because he wasn't fast enough to get a chair, that didn't matter, so he pushed someone off of their chair and took it? He cheated to keep from losing because "fair" doesn't matter to him, only winning and looking like he is "not the loser this time", despite the rules. (E.G. Karl Rove after the last presidential election, when his form of cheating and lying didn't work like he expected it to.)

In preschool/kindergarten, the teacher had a choice. They either forced him to follow the rules or were the same kind of  'control freak' bully and laughed at him, allowing him to keep cheating. That is what the GOP in congress, especially in the House of Representatives, is like. And the president and vice president are too busy to keep them in line, like a good teacher who makes the bullies follow the rules.
From now on I no longer give Regressives the respect they expect from me, despite their bullying rude attitude. I will call them Regressives or the Regressive Party from now on and it is just so.
Conservative means: "...1. disposed to preserve existing conditions,institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones,and to limit change." They are no longer just limiting change, they are trying to make us go backwards. The problems are multiplying. Everyday we have some other member of the "Proud to be a Stupid American Club" in the news showing us what backwards-ass idiots reside in most of our nation, despite the image we try to display to the other countries of the world.
I agree with so many of the foreign people that I meet online that we here need to fix our own problems before we start deciding we should start wars in other countries over commercial interests like Oil and other resources for selfish commercial reasons, using the excuse that we are spreading "democracy". That brand of democracy is what you see the clowns in a parade running behind the livestock, with shovels and a wheelbarrow, picking up off the street.
Recently, I watched a video about the problem with the war on drugs, combined with the war on the poor, and the decimation of the industrial job base being a new form of apartheid in America. It is reminiscent of Nazi Germany and reminds anyone who pays attention of how fascists always define an enemy to pick on to keep the stupid people happy as they were getting ready to take over. I would suggest anyone who cares about the U.S. watches it.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Letter to John McCain, Arizona Senator

"...I put environment in the Subject line because there isn't a category for Stupid Teabillies. I am concerned, as you should be, that, as you have said, these people came to Washington to wreck the place and they branded themselves as Republicans to do it. Today I read in the Huffington Post, along with a video, another complete moron (complete with a haircut for a six year old or a Southern carpetbagger from the 1800s) that said that global warming is a total fraud. I think when someone who doesn't believe in science gets elected to the House Science Committee, then, there is a problem. When the last manned space ship was sent from earth, we noticed in the pictures that the atmosphere is thinning more and more to a tenth of what it was when we sent back pictures of earth from the first manned moon landing. My six year old figured this out. The reason we have been killing our planet is because of what we and the trees are, CO-Dependent on each other. Trees take in the majority of CO2 (carbon dioxide) while we take in most of the O2 (oxygen). The trees then put out more oxygen while we exhale carbon dioxide. Anyone who has read a second grade science book knows that. We have been killing the trees at an alarming rate to make more paper for junk mail. SO, the one thing we need to live, we are destroying. THEN, on top of that we add pollution containing CO2, animals making more CO2, and so on ad infinitum. This isn't science, it's common sense. At a certain point we as humane people figured out young girls are going to get pregnant and try to hide it. They will self abort if they can't get an abortion legally. We made abortion legal to keep from killing young women. Also, we decided as a nation that discrimination should be not only morally wrong but no longer tolerated by law. Your party has adopted the bad seed for the purpose of "growing and gaining votes en masse" and the people you got in bed with are killing your party. When half the candidates on the Republican debates are only running for office to get rich from campaign contributions and don't really plan on winning anything, they say things like "Obama is a Kenyan" or "I will, if elected have a colony on the moon" and "We should hire poor nine year olds to work as janitors and fire the unionized janitors", then, you have to know they don't really intend to be elected. The one person who admitted he believed in science and evolution (John Huntsman) was booed off the stage by the people in the audience who are proud of being stupid and completely self-deluded as well as ill informed. That is what the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ike Eisenhower have deteriorated to. I find that sad. I certainly hope you do, also. You said recently that your party has lost their way. That is too kind. They have purposely been led to the slaughter by people who came to wreck the place, which includes the way it effects the whole world. They are pushing us right into the waiting arms of the Chinese, who we already owe most of our government buildings to. Do something Senator, take a courageous step and actually stand up and say, "YOU ARE WRONG!" before you die or retire with the party which has been your life, running off a cliff like a herd of lemmings."

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Republican Delusional Syndrome

"The party of stupid" is the nickname given to the Republican Party by Governor Bobby Jindal. I believe he was being way too kind. They have furthered their ignorance to the point of being beyond misinformed, because once you are confronted, you have the facts. If you choose not to believe them and want to go on wishing that something was true, and keep mouthing the same thing you know to be a lie, in order to convince yourself that it somehow became true, then, ...
you have advanced to the classification of a new word; DELUSIONAL -
From the dictionary:
de·lu·sion·al [dih-loo-zhuh-nl] adjective
1. having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions
2. maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts, usually as a result of mental illness
So, if you continue to call something true (Obama is a Kenyan, Obama is a Socialist, Obama is a Muslim, etc.) which you already have had proven is false, then, it is a choice. You are "choosing to be" and lying to yourself to get yourself to believe that if you keep saying the lie, it will somehow magically become the truth, then you are the dictionary and textbook definition of delusional.
Please refer to the second line of the definition above, that states that it means: "maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts, usually as a result of mental illness". In saying that, I have to admit that I see the modern conservative as being in the grips of suffering from an acute mental disease. So Republicans, when people call you stupid, please stop them and remind them that it is a disease and you can't help yourself because you suffer from "Republican Delusional Syndrome".

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Last Email To Senator John McCain

I just read another article demeaning members of your party. It wasn't incorrect. This is what "Your Party" has become. People now try to see the Republican Party as the people who represent the words and actions of Abe Lincoln, Barry Goldwater, Ike Eisenhower, and even Ronald Reagan. Guess again.
Tuesday, President Obama spoke at a high school in Phoenix and protesters showed up to sing "Bye Bye Black Sheep" and chant other racist slurs. Your party's strategists have taught them to hate him because he is black. They still keep saying he is from Kenya, a Muslim, and anything else Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and batsh*t crazy Michelle Bachmann say about him.
If you can't win elections based on your policies, then, you need to change your policies, which would seem to be easy since they have failed to work for anyone but a few rich people. Instead the GOP keeps rolling out the same tired crap from the CATO Institute that most of the United States knows now knows is funded by the Koch Industries brothers, just like the Tea Party, ALEC, Americans for Prosperity, and the rest of the propaganda devices they use.
Some people are stupid and ill informed enough to keep believing they might work, some day. The latest article about the banks being "FINALLY" brought up on charges for their actions after you and your buddies like Phil Graham deregulated all forms of ethics for.
Please read this:
"...There is litigation against 15 companies currently, and more expected to come down. That includes pending civil charges against Bank of America. After 5 years in office, the Obama Administration is getting tough on bankers and those who have taken advantage of consumers. And leading the charge the entire time has been Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Without their voices, it is hard to say if any action would be taken against Wall Street banksters. The question is, where are the Republicans on all of this? The answer is, silent. Because this is the America that Republicans want. The deregulation of every industry, that will make Bank of America and UBS seem like common thieves."
This is what the majority of Americans think of your party. That is why you lose, not because people are being unfair, it is because they are becoming aware. Please lead by example and try to change it from within like your daughter expects.
Take Care,
Steve Walker of Phoenix

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Openly Biased "Bigot Party"

Today, once again, I see the "bigot party" of regressives that don't do anything but hate. Those who are stupid/naive enough to try and deny it need to watch this crap and how one of your candidates openly enjoys the hateful bigotry. The woman allows this idiot to walk up and add that touch of "the southern strategy" that is so common in GOP private meetings. GOP now stands for Grandiosity, Oppression, and Prejudice. Anyone who votes for these clowns hates the majority of Americans and belongs in an asylum.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Email To John McCain, Arizona Senator, 08/01/2013

Senator McCain,
First, I would like to thank you for your recent public statements, as I appreciate the fact that you have spoken out against the "Stand Your Ground" laws that say that someone with a loaded gun can stalk you, pick a fight with you, and if you make the mistake of defending yourself, they can then legally shoot you.
Your party seems to be in the news quite frequently, as of late, theorizing why they keep losing the White House and why they have, as you stated, "Lost their way." I could write a huge list but I thought I would edit it down to the highlights (Top Ten) that your party has become famous for saying something about or denying and that the average person already knows.

1) About supposed "Right to Work States" and the lowest minimum wages (Below a 'living' wage.). If the minimum wage had risen commensurate with corporate profits and the cost of living index, it would be around $28.50 an hour. Corporate Officers' salaries and bonuses have increased several hundred-folds while worker wages remain stagnant. The Point?  When slavery was legal in the United States, slave owners were only required to give the slaves enough food, clothes, shelter and health care to keep them healthy enough to keep working. If that is all a worker can afford now, what is the difference? Also, taking away overtime pay removes any incentive to work more than contracted hours and is obviously unfair and motivated by unlimited greed.

2) All of the GOP run "RED STATES" cost the Federal Government more while paying less in income tax. They complain the loudest about spending while they are the actual ones doing more of it.

3) If the congress cut our present military budget down to one half we would still spend more on supposed defense than ANY OTHER COUNTRY, including China. The military is not supposed to be used as an employment location device. We don't have any business promoting war for business purposes and a vehicle for corruption and skimming off of the budget.

4) Despite having at least 3 degrees himself, your religious zealots like Rick Santorum deride citizens from pursuing higher education spending because they don't want an informed public that knows that God doesn't start wars over mineral and oil rights/cheap labor.

5) Wealthy people stricken with unlimited greed don't impress anyone for complaining about "Big Government" while campaigning to run for office as PART OF that "Big Government"  that they supposedly hate, that is STUPID!

6) Despite what the GOP Judges that George W. Bush hand picked, when they rule in favor of political stances instead of reality, calling that conservativism instead of what it is, bias, RACISM IS ALIVE AND WELL AND THE VOTER SUPPRESSION LAWS HAVE SHOWN US THAT REPUBLICANS DON'T CARE ABOUT FAIRNESS OR RIGHT ANYMORE, JUST WINNING CONTROL, no matter who they destroy.

7) If you can afford to buy congressmen, you don't need more tax breaks. Also, people like Mitch McConnell being married to Elaine Chao (A complete conflict of interest with his job to protect American citizens, which is tantamount to treason.), who served as the only cabinet member in the G.W. Bush Administration to last all eight years, who then became a Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation (Another one of the Koch Industries Owned Political Shilling PAC. like the supposed "grass roots movement", the TEABILLIES.), she contributes to Fox News and various other media outlets (Which try to misinform the public and are outed constantly for being nothing more than propaganda.), and her father along with his corporate allies that pay Mitch to keep any jobs from returning to the U.S., to the tune of several million a year.

8) Your daughter Meghan speaks out constantly against GOP policies like the ones that got your party labeled as "the stupid party" but eventually you will die, and people like her will give up voting Republican while hoping to cause change from within to return what they were tricked into believing was "their party" to the same kind of people that seemed to disappear with the end of the Eisenhower administration. I knew your wife and grew up in the same neighborhood with the Hensleys and my sister, Susie Walker (her maiden name), was one of her childhood friends. I read what Meghan writes and imagine she learned a lot of her "values" from you, so, I can't imagine that you actually believe any of the nonsense that rolls so fluidly from the mouths of your party members (Considering you wouldn't have a party without allowing the extremists to join your ranks.) that take the complete willful self delusion on the part of any human with an ounce of dignity and grace towards others.

9) Cutting us up into groups, culturally or demographically, only impresses stupid people (And only temporarily.), when ANY POLITICIAN, regardless of party or race, doesn't treat us all just as Americans. It is an insult to think we are all stupid enough to believe that talking points are actually plans or policy, while remaining constitutional. You just can't hire enough News Trolls (Someone who says inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic statements in a news broadcast or at least on the air, with the primary intent of provoking listeners into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. They do this to distract from the actual issues and to get their name repeated in other news forums or shows in order to remain relevant and to sell their books to the crackpots who wish that the ridiculous things that they say would be true .) like Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter to actually rewrite history. We know that the "Southern Strategy" was real and that the last fifty years of using racism, while encouraging it's perpetuation and growth, for votes, won't work anymore now that anti-contraception and anti-abortion has worked to create the overpopulation (Starving masses used for prayer but most importantly votes and tithing.) that people like the pope created their massive wealth from.

10) Eventually racism, sexism, homophobia, and any other discrimination will become law instead of open opinion. It isn't open for debate among intelligent well educated adults who live in any large U.S. city. I picture a day when we will have "Hate Management" courses that will be court ordered until people lean how to act. 50 years ago, no one would have imagined D.W.I. laws that we have now or "Anger Management" classes being court ordered for people who can't control themselves in public. Racists who use the old thinking of "The White Establishment" being more civilized, while committing atrocities in public, are soon to be a thing of the past.

Charles Darwin wrote, "Adapt or die." That, MY FRIEND, is your whole party's choice. Trying to change the propaganda instead of your behavior towards the public is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.
So, as you obviously are getting ready to retire, you might want to go out as one of the old school "Party of Reason" people, or attempt to continue trickle down nonsense, destruction of the working class, and the constant war on everyone who knows your party's true motives and knows better than agree with the selfishness.

Steve Walker of Phoenix, AZ