Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Letter to John McCain, Arizona Senator

"...I put environment in the Subject line because there isn't a category for Stupid Teabillies. I am concerned, as you should be, that, as you have said, these people came to Washington to wreck the place and they branded themselves as Republicans to do it. Today I read in the Huffington Post, along with a video, another complete moron (complete with a haircut for a six year old or a Southern carpetbagger from the 1800s) that said that global warming is a total fraud. I think when someone who doesn't believe in science gets elected to the House Science Committee, then, there is a problem. When the last manned space ship was sent from earth, we noticed in the pictures that the atmosphere is thinning more and more to a tenth of what it was when we sent back pictures of earth from the first manned moon landing. My six year old figured this out. The reason we have been killing our planet is because of what we and the trees are, CO-Dependent on each other. Trees take in the majority of CO2 (carbon dioxide) while we take in most of the O2 (oxygen). The trees then put out more oxygen while we exhale carbon dioxide. Anyone who has read a second grade science book knows that. We have been killing the trees at an alarming rate to make more paper for junk mail. SO, the one thing we need to live, we are destroying. THEN, on top of that we add pollution containing CO2, animals making more CO2, and so on ad infinitum. This isn't science, it's common sense. At a certain point we as humane people figured out young girls are going to get pregnant and try to hide it. They will self abort if they can't get an abortion legally. We made abortion legal to keep from killing young women. Also, we decided as a nation that discrimination should be not only morally wrong but no longer tolerated by law. Your party has adopted the bad seed for the purpose of "growing and gaining votes en masse" and the people you got in bed with are killing your party. When half the candidates on the Republican debates are only running for office to get rich from campaign contributions and don't really plan on winning anything, they say things like "Obama is a Kenyan" or "I will, if elected have a colony on the moon" and "We should hire poor nine year olds to work as janitors and fire the unionized janitors", then, you have to know they don't really intend to be elected. The one person who admitted he believed in science and evolution (John Huntsman) was booed off the stage by the people in the audience who are proud of being stupid and completely self-deluded as well as ill informed. That is what the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ike Eisenhower have deteriorated to. I find that sad. I certainly hope you do, also. You said recently that your party has lost their way. That is too kind. They have purposely been led to the slaughter by people who came to wreck the place, which includes the way it effects the whole world. They are pushing us right into the waiting arms of the Chinese, who we already owe most of our government buildings to. Do something Senator, take a courageous step and actually stand up and say, "YOU ARE WRONG!" before you die or retire with the party which has been your life, running off a cliff like a herd of lemmings."

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