Friday, August 9, 2013

My Last Email To Senator John McCain

I just read another article demeaning members of your party. It wasn't incorrect. This is what "Your Party" has become. People now try to see the Republican Party as the people who represent the words and actions of Abe Lincoln, Barry Goldwater, Ike Eisenhower, and even Ronald Reagan. Guess again.
Tuesday, President Obama spoke at a high school in Phoenix and protesters showed up to sing "Bye Bye Black Sheep" and chant other racist slurs. Your party's strategists have taught them to hate him because he is black. They still keep saying he is from Kenya, a Muslim, and anything else Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and batsh*t crazy Michelle Bachmann say about him.
If you can't win elections based on your policies, then, you need to change your policies, which would seem to be easy since they have failed to work for anyone but a few rich people. Instead the GOP keeps rolling out the same tired crap from the CATO Institute that most of the United States knows now knows is funded by the Koch Industries brothers, just like the Tea Party, ALEC, Americans for Prosperity, and the rest of the propaganda devices they use.
Some people are stupid and ill informed enough to keep believing they might work, some day. The latest article about the banks being "FINALLY" brought up on charges for their actions after you and your buddies like Phil Graham deregulated all forms of ethics for.
Please read this:
"...There is litigation against 15 companies currently, and more expected to come down. That includes pending civil charges against Bank of America. After 5 years in office, the Obama Administration is getting tough on bankers and those who have taken advantage of consumers. And leading the charge the entire time has been Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Without their voices, it is hard to say if any action would be taken against Wall Street banksters. The question is, where are the Republicans on all of this? The answer is, silent. Because this is the America that Republicans want. The deregulation of every industry, that will make Bank of America and UBS seem like common thieves."
This is what the majority of Americans think of your party. That is why you lose, not because people are being unfair, it is because they are becoming aware. Please lead by example and try to change it from within like your daughter expects.
Take Care,
Steve Walker of Phoenix

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