Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Party of "STUPID" Defining Itself

When someone in the Republican Party calls themselves conservatives,  we have to be careful not to let them do that for an important reason. They are usually being much too kind. Robert Reich was probably the first one who said the term in print that I prefer. He called them Regressives. I agree.
I have spoken in detail about the problem of letting them define themselves and us being one of our main problems. They define themselves in ambiguous terms and call us liberal for believing in facts and reality. They openly deny science as if them saying something makes it real and they are the only ones allowed to have a voice. That is like the bully in Kindergarten.
When the country desperately needs to move forward, the Party of Progressives -Democrats, is struggling with Regressives for two things.
1) The guts to move forward without feeling like someone is going to make us look bad or say something rude about us. We, for some reason, seem to be desperately clinging to the idea of  "not sinking to their level of rude bullying" while being taken advantage of. This is important because the Democrats in Washington, D.C., as was said in the show "Newsroom", "...if liberals are so damned smart, how come they lose so 'all the time'?" The answer to that is we have to quit playing nice with a people who have the personality of a badger. They don't care about being nice, they only care about control. We always want to appear to be polite and to crazy angry stupid people, that is considered a sign of weakness and they take advantage by trying to strike the same unreal fears in other "regressives" like themselves. They gain support by saying outlandish things that can be considered by most people as rude. They then "apologise" afterwards and move on like it never happened. Their apologies are usually always way too indirect and disconnected, as if they don't realize that they really did anything wrong.
2) Control in a match with selfish people. Remember the kid in preschool or kindergarten class who, when the teacher showed you how to play musical chairs, and when the music stopped he decided that just because he wasn't fast enough to get a chair, that didn't matter, so he pushed someone off of their chair and took it? He cheated to keep from losing because "fair" doesn't matter to him, only winning and looking like he is "not the loser this time", despite the rules. (E.G. Karl Rove after the last presidential election, when his form of cheating and lying didn't work like he expected it to.)

In preschool/kindergarten, the teacher had a choice. They either forced him to follow the rules or were the same kind of  'control freak' bully and laughed at him, allowing him to keep cheating. That is what the GOP in congress, especially in the House of Representatives, is like. And the president and vice president are too busy to keep them in line, like a good teacher who makes the bullies follow the rules.
From now on I no longer give Regressives the respect they expect from me, despite their bullying rude attitude. I will call them Regressives or the Regressive Party from now on and it is just so.
Conservative means: "...1. disposed to preserve existing conditions,institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones,and to limit change." They are no longer just limiting change, they are trying to make us go backwards. The problems are multiplying. Everyday we have some other member of the "Proud to be a Stupid American Club" in the news showing us what backwards-ass idiots reside in most of our nation, despite the image we try to display to the other countries of the world.
I agree with so many of the foreign people that I meet online that we here need to fix our own problems before we start deciding we should start wars in other countries over commercial interests like Oil and other resources for selfish commercial reasons, using the excuse that we are spreading "democracy". That brand of democracy is what you see the clowns in a parade running behind the livestock, with shovels and a wheelbarrow, picking up off the street.
Recently, I watched a video about the problem with the war on drugs, combined with the war on the poor, and the decimation of the industrial job base being a new form of apartheid in America. It is reminiscent of Nazi Germany and reminds anyone who pays attention of how fascists always define an enemy to pick on to keep the stupid people happy as they were getting ready to take over. I would suggest anyone who cares about the U.S. watches it.

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