Monday, September 30, 2013

Hoping for Sanity from the New Pope

(This article was originally posted on the Arizona Mildman Facebook page at And so, today I am in conflict with the fact that the world is overpopulated and that there is actually a supposed scientist telling people that the world is NOT over populated and that if we are standing right next to each other because we cut down all the trees and trampled down all the vegetation (Both of which produce oxygen, by the way, which he seems to forget in his geometric estimates of how much "living space" there is and that we can use up every inch of the space on earth.) that we we all be just fine. He seems to excuse the fact that we are running out of oxygen, vegetation, money, resources, clean water, clean air, and other resources like capacity to feed everyone and provide healthcare as if they are NOT relevant to the argument as long as the earth is "strong enough" to hold everyone, as if it were a matter of the earth being like an elevator that we were worried might be filled over capacity and would fall from it's cabled supports.

And THEN, there is the matter of the people. I have for years said that the use of birth control (in lieu of abstinence only and rhythm methodology, which never seem to work, ask the many Catholic and Mormon women) and abortion (the removal of a fetus of the human kind, which seems to be a moral and "religious" problem, despite the fact that no religion has proof of religious text that supports this) because LONG AGO, we had estimated (most of you don't remember what the predictions were in the 50s and 60s) how many people would stretch the world food and money supply too thin. As well as the greedy people in the one percent in America that think that everyone in the fifties and sixties that helped provide for the less fortunate (poor, sick, old, and disabled) were stupid for helping because it causes them to be dependent on the wealthy.
I was angry with the previous popes for actually causing a worse AIDs problem by saying that condom use, even in the case of HIV, was part of the AIDs problem, instead of the solution (that doctors and scientists told us for years). But, there is a new sherriff in town and he has changed the game plan on many levels. One of the first is, the use of contraceptives is permitted for defense against disease, but not prevention of birth. SO, that means what you intend at the time is what matters to him:

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