Friday, September 13, 2013

My Latest Email To John McCain

I know you said you have to have someone help you with your email so you probably aren't the one reading this, so who ever you are, show him this graphic comment on Facebook, please : When the whole world sees through your supposed reasoning to bomb ANYWHERE there are oil reserves, we don't believe anymore that you have anything more than commercial interests, so stop lying and trying to call it "FREEDOM" because most of the civilized world (most of it outside the Southern United States type thinking with their hate rage) already has universal healthcare, a better economic model, and an economy that is growing without Wall Street thieving liars. War and Wall Street seems to be your economic model and as of recently, anyone who actually has graduated from high school and owns a computer has read that Australia's minimum wage is 16 dollars an hour and has dodged the economic downturn "Your FRIENDS" in the United States created. They are no one's friend and they are stricken with unlimited greed, the main problem in the United States right now. Oh, and the person who reads this to Senator McCain should let him know that we all have watched the YouTube video of General Wesley Clark talking about the seven countries you wanted to invade in 5 years. That isn't democracy, that is imperialism. The American people are tired of the nonsense you people come up with to excuse your childish ranting about spreading anything but money into your pocket. Stop lying it just makes you look stupid. Oh, and about your buddy, Mitch McConnell blocking any progress of anything, including jobs returning to the United states from China, because of his wife, you should also look and see who he is married to. It is common knowledge who his wife is, the daughter of a rich Chinese industrialist who pays his people slave wages and makes billions of dollars making them work in unsafe conditions. The only difference between you and him is your rich wife's interests are at least partly in the United States so your spending helps our economy, but other than that, you endorse sick twisted liars like Paul Ryan. Ryan says he is a devout catholic but then endorses the famous atheist fiction writer, Ayn Rand's policies that she wrote into Fiction Novels, like "Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged", because he is an idiot. His economic policies might as well have been designed on the movie "Hunger Games". And if you endorse him you are endorsing unlimited greed, but I guess I can't expect much more from someone who dumps their wife after she waited for him to become a fake WAR HERO for blowing up his fifth plane and who would have been washed out long before if his family weren't already admirals in the navy. I have no nice salutation for you this time Mr. McCain because I am disgusted with even the mention of your name now. Goodbye

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