Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Re-framing the Conversation

P.T. Barnum said things like, "There's a sucker born every minute", and "The people who are convinced that they can't be fooled are the ones who can constantly be fooled." and was an expert at doing just that. I don't enjoy being lied to by anyone. When someone so much as acts even slightly deceptive in advertising so much as an editorial comment (headline implying one thing while the content says another) it reminds me of the people like Fox News and others who ask a question to imply something or say that "some people say" something that is completely ludicrous. I won't write like that. I might as well be working for "The Enquirer" or other "tabloid news" organizations.

If anyone actually reads where Rupert Murdoch came from, he inherited News Corporation from his father who was billed as the world's "King of Tabloid News". That is like saying, "The leader of the people who lie to you to get you to read their magazine because they don't know how to publish real news." They are the fake news professionals who have headlines like, "Was an alien baby actually found in an Iowa corn field?" with pictures of a doll modeled to look like an alien from outer space and when you read the story you realize it is entirely a "hook" to get you to buy it because during the first paragraph, they change the subject and go to the real story, which is always boring and never close to what the headline implies.

After a while, anyone with intelligence ignores "tabloid news", a synonym for "bullshit news story used to get you to buy advertising rags". But still, everyday when you go to the store, you see someone intently reading "tabloid news" magazines and papers that the rest of us have learned to laugh at by now. Unfortunately for the rest of us, those people vote. Those are the people that "tabloid news" is aimed at.

We also have learned from "conservative strategists" who work for the Republican Party that what they call lying is "Framing the Conversation". When they imply or come right out and accuse the president of things that are outlandish, the majority of us by now, ignore them. But there is always that guy who wants to believe that someone found an alien baby in a cornfield in Iowa, because that is more 'entertaining' than reality. He also wants to believe that the president was born to an American Mom in an American state, and who is also so involved with the United States Constitution that he became a Harvard Law Review president, as well as a constitutional attorney, and that he is actually, secretly, a Muslim socialist from Kenya, because that helps him rationalize his anger and hate for the fact that a black man is the United States president and life in the United States has progressively changed and also, has moved on without him or a care for his shallow bigoted thinking.

My Point Is That;
I suggest that we, as reality minded people, stop allowing the liars to call us what they want and that we start "RE-FRAMING" the conversation. We don't need slogans besides "Reality Matters". We can't let them call themselves what they want and allow them for any time at all to call us what they choose. I suggest that we start doing what we can to refer to them as what they are, also.
The people who call themselves "conservatives" are no longer conservatives, so here is our new "language re-framing list". Please start adding your own definitions and having them published by Wikipedia and The Urban Dictionary.

  1. We need to stop referring to people who call themselves conservatives as "conservatives" and call them what they are- REGRESSIVES: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=regressive                                                                                                  
  2. Also, people who are lying propaganda spreading trolls on fake news stations like FOX need to be called what they are also - News Trolls:  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=news+troll                         
  3. Also, tabloid news is NOT opinion, entertainment, or anything innocent sounding the way they try to advertise it. It is merely "BULLSHIT" and despite the sensibilities of some who are afraid to use language that they feel some might find offensive, we need to call it what it is -bullshit: http://gawker.com/tag/bullshit
Hopefully soon the people who want to believe anything outlandish will be framed into understanding the truth, but they won't as long as we are nice about it and allow them to bully us into believing that reality is "liberal leaning" or "left wing influenced". I am not talking about everything that is an issue. I believe the law is the law. If you don't like the law, change the law. If your politicians don't want to flow with the will of the people, you don't march on Washington and not follow through. After your demonstrations, you vote them out if they don't change the laws. Keep it up until the conversation stays on point. Don't ever get weak.

We must first remember that some people do not EVER want to compromise. With people like that there is no compromise, only extremism. Do NOT try to hope for bi-partisanship. The "tea party" is fueled by propaganda of the extreme right wing and they not only don't want compromise, they don't even enjoy reality. Most of their bought and paid for protesters don't even know who pays for their million dollar buses and the food and drink they enjoy all day while holding up home made signs that make them look like what they are, the same kind of idiots who buy tabloid magazines with headlines like, "Was there really an alien baby found in a corn field in Iowa?" When ever I see them protesting now, I don't ask myself why they are there. I ask myself, "What are they trying to distract me from that is really going on?" It's like the t-shirt that says, "While you were bitching that some guy bought a 'Snickers' bar with his food stamps, Bank of America was stealing 14 million dollars!" 

We really need to pay more attention and take back the conversation.

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