Monday, October 7, 2013


Alrighty Now! Fox News and specifically Rupert Murdoch has to be laughing his ass off right now. First, the guys who own Fox news are the owner of Al Jazeera  - Al-Waleed bin Talal and an rich Australian name Rupert Murdoch. Both are extremist right wing selfish rich news moguls and recently Murdoch even went to court and fought against a law suit with the only defense he had being, "There is no American law that says I can't lie and intentionally mislead the public."
The battle over the lawsuit was won in an appellate court  and testifies to the idea that most of America already knows, that Fox and the other right wing news stations are not news, they are instead a propaganda platform for the extremist regressive Republicans and Neo-Cons.

Also, I was having a few moments of hope for the long standing stupidity of the Christian right, and the new Catholic pope was sounding pretty awesomely progressive for a few minutes until this came up:
Bishops Push for Conscience Protections in Government Funding which basically means the same thing the Republicans are saying, "IF WE DON'T GET OUR WAY WE ARE GOING TO RUIN LIFE FOR ALL AMERICANS". Selfish, self centered, and completely on the wrong side of history, not only for now, but for our entire past and trying to wrongly destroy our future.

Now, one of the biggest lies I have seen lately is the Republican Party trying to blame the president or Democrats for the shut down. Some Republican representatives bragged about the shutdown, which you can read here: or here: or even here: for months now but somehow they think we are going to believe it is someone else's fault? Either they think we are completely STUPID or they are, one or the other.  Boehner has been told he has enough votes to end this but he won't call for a vote because then their grandstand play will be over and the GOP will have to explain two things.
  1. Why the Republican party and especially their "Tea Party" constituency has been LYING OUT OF THEIR ASSES for months now about the Affordable Care Act.
  2. Why they want to vote against something that will actually HELP the American people for the sake of special interests, like wealthy healthcare insurance corporations.
The cat's out of the bag! Bernie Sanders of Vermont exposed the Koch brothers of Koch Industries of creating this whole situation. He pays Rupert Murdoch to lie to people about climate change (because doing something about that would end their fossil fuel empire and create an environmental protection enforcement that would make them stop creating the pollution they create for profit) so they use Murdoch's right wing propaganda empire to "catapult the propaganda", as G.W. Bush would say, while creating legions of dumbasses who don't realize that their own donations (that most of them when being honest, admit that they haven't donated anything) can't pay for millions of dollars of buses, hotel rooms, and expense accounts to support their protest rallies so that they stand around holding misspelled signs with catch phrase slogans that when you ask them what they mean, they, if they are honest enough to admit it, instead of trying to double talk with another even more hollow slogan, don't know where the money is coming from, although the rest of the world knows that recent tax write offs for the Kochs show that they have sponsored almost 500 million dollars of "grass roots movement" activities which coincidentally fit into their agenda.

So, Americans, I have a new deal for you. You on the right say that mainstream media is "left wing liberal leaning" and the rest of us who can read and investigate things called facts, call what you read "fiction" at best but call it lies. Let's not listen to ANY OF THEM.  That way we all have to look it up and investigate what really happened by using credible information sources, not people who go to court defending their right to lie to you, what do you say? I dare you. I bet some of you can't do it for a week.

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