Friday, November 22, 2013

If You Still Think Both Parties Are The Same, Read This

Today I had to read one more idiot on here telling everyone that both parties are the same because he says they both lie the same. If that were true then the GOP wouldn't have a 3 percent approval rating right now and they wouldn't be self destructing over everyone having the right to healthcare. I am not even including the Teabillies and Libertarians who took over the GOP because they lacked votes.
They might as well have invited all the mental patients Ronald Reagan threw out the mental institutions and put on the street to save money, to come be part of their party. If they were both the same, people who are afflicted with unlimited greed, like Romney, the Koch brothers, and Sheldon Adelson would give money to both parties equally. Now the GOP of yesteryear that call themselves "establishment Republicans" are whining about the monsters they created.
Several of the Republicans lately, including John McCain, have stated that they wish those other factions would just either STFU or go away. But no, now that they are there, they are so crazy they make the party members who came before them cringe. I don't see that in the Democratic party. There are rich people and some corporations that vote for the Democratic party but they don't use it to commit fraud and politicizing our laws. The main reason for gridlock now is the Republicans in the house of Representatives.
If you are still confused enough to think both parties are the same, look at Sarah Palin and Elizabeth Warren, do they seem the same to you?
How about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Do they seem the same to you?
Let's pick an easy one, one of the most extreme Democrats is Senator Bernie Sanders and the most extreme example of Republicans is Paul Ryan , both of which SAY they want the same things but only one of them actually votes for them. That is NOT the same thing.
With all the gerrymandering of districts, voter suppression, rigged voting machines, etc. the GOP still lost the presidential election in 2008 and 2012. That means the biggest difference is who likes the parties.
One such comparison would be the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, compared to the "Tea Party". One (OWS) is mainly made up of young people who are suffering in the elements to keep the message about Wall Street greed and how it hurts the economy in the public eye. The other is a bunch of old people who are so misguided that one wonders how they survived this long and are supported by the Koch brothers, although the Koch brothers don't admit their connection to the Tea Party and members of the Tea Party keep saying it is a grassroots movement that somehow can afford millions of dollars worth of food, refreshments, gas, lodging, and transportation for all of them through their own donations, although when asked individually how much they contributed, they all admitted that they gave NOTHING. Public records of PACs and Republican "think tanks" that the Koch's are the sole contributors to - fund the Tea Party.
The TP is full of people who are on Social Security and Medicare screaming "Leave your government hands off my SSI and Medicare", while they are publicly endorsing the same people who want to take away their Medicare and SSI, and state so on the news. The Tea Party is supposed to stand for "Taxed Enough Already" even though their taxes are lower than under George Bush while the rich guys who fund their movement pay only a tiny percent of their taxes compared to the rates someone who works construction has to pay. Who are they actually protesting for, since it isn't their own best interests?
Who created the huge problem by deregulating the banks? That isn't the same tune in both parties. And the way people treat the two protest movements can be summed up for me like this:
I didn't see anyone pepper spraying the Tea Party members, does that seem the same to you? I don't see the Tea Party members sleeping in the street or parks in order to stay with the group and carry the message.
I am going to stop this rant before I get so angry I can't sleep, but remember. Both parties are NOT the same, quit lying to yourself in order to act like you know better than anyone else. Independents are what started the Tea Party (with help from Fox News) and independents definitely started the Libertarian movement. Saying you are independent to me means you too chickenshit to take a stand and decide, through logical step by step elimination and research to derive at an answer suitable to you.
So, the next time you decide to look down on someone else who actually knows the issues instead of  NOT researching the topic and learning something, and instead acting like you are confident and know everything, stop and really look and listen because you and I are NOT the same.

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