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Intentionally Misleading Is Lying

Recently Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation executives were involved in a lawsuit and ended up, after being found guilty of purposely misleading the public and manipulating some of society and therefore creating a situation that was in their own selfish interest and was in conflict with the interests of society as a whole. Their only defense in court ended up being that the first amendment (which is ludicrous considering Murdoch is Australian, but he was in an American court) gives everyone of it's citizens (Murdoch?) freedom of speech. We have the right to say "anything we want". In most cases that isn't harmful because most people hear some individual say something that sounds ridiculous, and they immediately assume that individual is a crackpot.
But, as was used in news corporation's defense in appellate court, there is NO AMERICAN LAW that says any person or person can not willfully lie to the public, intentionally misleading them, and that is correct. The court had to admit that is true. The law assumes that news organizations are going to report news, actual facts and information that is useful to the general public, since that is what ethical journalism is about. The danger is when a group of supposed news affiliates and seemingly unrelated news organizations all say the same thing, then, some people believe them, despite obvious evidence. And when one guy owns more than one news organization, that can be a problem because he can influence some in the general public by lying on all of his news organizations. This is what, according the Wikipedia report, Murdoch, and therefore News Corporation, owns (In order to appear less like a monopoly of news organizations, Murdoch put some of his holdings in other company names, as U.S. law is moving towards limiting how many news media holdings one source can have. These are now conglomerations (sub-companies) of what was listed before. If you click on the link for each, you can see they are all multifacted:

Plans for the split were originally announced by Rupert Murdoch on June 28, 2012, while additional details were unveiled on December 3, 2012.News Corp's board approved the split on May 24, 2013, while shareholders approved the split on June 11; the splitting process began on June 19, 2013 with the listing of News Corp on the Australian Securities Exchange, but the new companies formally began trading on July 1, 2013. Robert James Thomson, the editor of The Wall Street Journal, serves as chief operating officer for the company; while Murdoch is no longer CEO (he instead remains CEO of 21st Century Fox), he remains chairman and a shareholder for both companies. During the stock splitting process, one share of the new News Corporation was given to shareholders for every four shares they own in the current News Corp.

Murdoch stated that performing this split would "unlock the true value of both companies and their distinct assets, enabling investors to benefit from the separate strategic opportunities resulting from more focused management of each division." The move also came in the wake of a series of scandals that had damaged the reputation of multiple News Corporation-owned properties. CEO Robert James Thomson promised that the new company would "cultivate a start-up sensibility even though we already work for the world’s most established and prestigious diversified media and information services company", and would emphasize building new business models around its properties and content. The logo of the new News Corporation was unveiled at an investor presentation on May 28, 2013; the handwritten logo uses script based on Murdoch's own handwriting.

Preliminary trading on the Australian Securities Exchange of the new News Corp's class B stock began on June 19, 2013 at around $15 per share; a value slightly lower than expected by some analysts. The shares fell in price by 3% to $14.55 per share, valuing the new company at around $7.9 billion US. The corporate split was officially finalized on June 28, 2013; both New News Corp and 21st Century Fox formally began trading on the NASDAQ on July 1, 2013.

On September 4, 2013, News Corp announced that it would sell the Dow Jones Local Media Group, a group of 33 local newspapers, to Newcastle Investment Corp.—an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group, for $87 million. The newspapers will be operated by GateHouse Media, a newspaper group owned by Fortress. Robert Thomson indicated that the newspapers "were not strategically consistent with the emerging portfolio" of the company.

List of assets owned by News Corp.
The company consists primarily of the former News Corp's newspaper and book publishing assets; including:
Dow Jones & Company, a New York City-based financial publisher, and owners of the Wall Street Journal
News Corp Australia, an Australian newspaper and magazine publisher, and owners of Fox Sports Australia and a stake in pay-TV provider Foxtel
News UK, a British newspaper publisher
New York Post, a daily newspaper in New York City first acquired by Rupert Murdoch in 1976.
HarperCollins, a major book publisher
News America Marketing, a distributor of advertising and coupon promotions
Amplify Education, a digital education company
No matter what anyone says, there will always be some who think they are doing things for the good of mankind, the good of the people, or the good of society and they are lying, not only to others for their own personal gain, but to themselves -because they are not admitting that their ego is the real problem in this situation. Case in point, this is NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION, if it was, all of the Christian ministers and all of their parishioners would be dressed in 'second hand' comfortable clothing and spending all their time and money helping others, not amassing great fortunes, building huge buildings full of expensive windows and ornaments, and especially not building huge alters (an ancient symbol of sacrifice), placing the collection plates, full of money they just collected, in between two candles (An ancient Jewish religious tradition, symbolic of where one must place "sacred" things that the new testament tells us was condemned by Christ.), and completing this sacrilege with a picture of JESUS over it. (Jesus hated money collecting in a temple.) This IS the anti-Christ according to biblical teachings.
The founding fathers were mostly DEISTS, who had escaped the Church of England's tyrannical puritanical imbecile leaders who were "taxing" people and trying to revert to the days of the inquisitions previous to the crusades.
One has to remember that some rulers in Europe, not the middle eastern countries that Christianity was attributed to, 1500 years after the supposed 'founding of' the religion. Another is the thousands (or at least to many to try to repeat here) of quotes and sayings that I hear on a daily basis from well meaning ignorant and ill informed people, are parts of different other religions and ancient mythology. Let's be honest. Religion is organized and well funded mythology condoned and supported by government because we have "freedom of religion" here, which also means we have freedom to believe or not, but some people will never get that point because they have been brainwashed. If you don't believe that religious employees believe that anyone who believes them is a stupid person who really NEEDS being lied to, in order (this is what they tell themselves) to feel greater hope, as if they were all living in ancient Europe and starving sharecroppers, then you are just as misinformed.
Case in point: "God helps those who help themselves!"  This quote is bandied about in church after church. I have even heard Christian ministers say that it is from the bible. I looked, and after reading the entire bible and not finding it, I was dismayed. I looked to see maybe it was in the writings of Shakespeare, since so many misquoted supposed biblical sayings were found to actually be his quotes. It was not in any of his quotes either. At around 40 years old, I finally found the origin of that saying. It was the war cry of the Crusades. The (as the song says) Christian soldiers (knights) would walk up to a crowd of innocent townspeople and take anything that was made of metal or glass and consider it their spoils of war, since they were on a quest from God, leaving in their wake a legion of people (especially monks and priests) who would hit their knees and beg God to help them, and scream at the people who accused them of being thieves and asking how they could call themselves men of God, "God helps those who help themselves!"
I have heard many an 'old wive's tale' from misguided religious bible thumpers including, "Do you remember the Golden Rule? You have to live by that because it is directly from the bible, the word of God." Don't say that shit to your children because when they grow up they will realize you are an idiot.
Here is the actual expression. It is not from the bible or attributed to ANYTHING CLOSELY RELATED TO religion of any kind.
It was a quote, although that was before people wrote anything down, which means like so many supposed ancient texts, it was actually written from supposed quotes people had memorized and passed down over centuries and in some cases, thousands of years, so we can never know the accuracy of the exact wording but supposedly really close. The actual quote was NOT "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." It IS "Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself". And it was by this guy,
Yes, it is from the ancient quotes of Confucius, who was no where near a Christian or anything in the way of a religious leader, he was a scholar, a council to rulers, and a philosopher whose quotes came to be regarded as the civilized way to think in a modern society, at the time. 
Religion was necessary at a time when most people were what we consider now to be 'barbarians' (and I am not quoting Marcus Bachmann for the meaning of that). American society as a whole has to realize that religions and the government are trying to absorb the wealth of the masses and not for the benefit of the people, anymore. If one watches shows like "Jerry Springer" they might doubt it, but we are no longer barbarian sharecroppers (at least most of us) and don't need that type of "flock tending" that ancient mythology "shepherds" tell themselves that they are leading, when in reality they are only lining their pockets.
If you refuse to be a sheep, act like it!

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