Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Op Ed Post to the Washington Post

"...I am submitting a copy of my blog piece on my Facebook Page. I write/blog under the pseudonym Arizona Mildman. I am writing today because of Richard Cohen needing a change of pace. Maybe, perhaps spending a couple decades standing in the unemployment line so he can really understand the "black experience" or having a social stigma (racist non-evolved neanderthal) ON HIM for a change.
My blog post:
" There is a reason that racism is still alive and strong in America. People in the media and politicians keep telling people, despite the fact that most of society (82 percent) have decided that it is wrong and made it illegal, that it is OK to continue, that it is socially acceptable and right. They do this for votes and they do it for acceptance. As this national archives article describes, these things were put into law by people who were progressively trying to evolve past their own inadequacies and character defects for the purpose of being fair to the WHOLE PUBLIC, not just a few, as was the case before.
Some people would love for that era to return. When they say they want to "take back" America, any citizen of the U.S. that says that, needs to be closely scrutinized for those same character defects of resentment, hate, and discrimination that were so adamantly protected by "Old School" angry old white men.
This week, a man named Richard Cohen of the Washington Post, another "opinion writer" (the same handle Fox News hides behind), wrote a fluff piece about Chris Christie and stuck his racist comments in between the lines for the social conservatives like himself that still want to live in "leave it to beaver" land that never was, in the 1950s.

Please join me today in writing his bosses and either getting an apology or having his job removed and his being removed from telling social neanderthals that acting like a "troglodyte" is no longer legal or socially acceptable, which he does on a regular basis. "   I am sure the Washington Post can either bring Mr. Cohen into the 21st Century to let him know his veiled racism is NOT ACCEPTABLE or we can quit using the products of any of their sponsors that advertise through them. This is not  personal issue, this is a social and public issue, which perpetuates the ideology that racism is acceptable. Up to you.
Have a wonderful day,
Steve Walker (The Arizona Mildman)"

The kind of people who lost the civil war and still don't want to admit it to themselves are alive and strong in the U.S., mainly because some people keep telling them that no matter how many laws we pass and how many speeches we write or how many hours we spend explaining it to them, they won't allow themselves to change. What kind of people are they?
They call themselves "conservatives" [1](disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.) , but actually they are "regressives" [2](tending to regress, logic obtained from or characterized by backward reasoning.).
This is the link to the Washington Post "Letters to the Editor":
And here is the link to write your own op-ed piece and submit your opinion on keeping racism alive and well despite the majority of us making it illegal in the last century:
And please, when you are expressing your passion and empathy, enjoy yourself and remember, every voice that is heard eventually makes a change.
Have a nice day,
Arizona Mildman

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