Sunday, November 10, 2013

Republican Hypocrisy and ENDA

I have been reading up on the ENDA bill about ending discrimination for gay people in the work place. The Democrats and Harry Reid are for it and John Boehner and the Republicans are against it. The GOP will protect the rights of rapists and pedophile priests but gay people are 8th class citizens to them. This is wrong and should be a matter of what our constitution says, "Inalienable Rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness..." and discrimination in any form against anyone makes that impossible and is wrong. Workplace discrimination should end against women, gays, people of color, etc. TODAY.
When you hear people like Ron Paul and any of the other GOP talking about "State's Rights", that is what they mean. They mean the right in each state to get around Federal law that demands that discrimination is illegal and should end. States' Representatives should be told that since they are Americans, then, they have to act like it. If they can discriminate against anyone's right to work, then they can squash their livelihood, making people intimidated and incapable of fighting back. This is WRONG.
In the same way that anyone who says that they are Christian and doesn't believe in helping others is lying to themselves or self deluded, then, people who say that they believe in discrimination ONLY FOR THE RIGHT KIND OF PEOPLE, are full of shit and hypocrites.
Have a nice Sunday,
Arizona Mildman

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