Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Affordable Care Act As It Is In "Reality Central"

(I posted this on my Facebook page and then realized this was a worthy post so I am re-posting it here:)

When the government (the law stated in the Affordable Care Act) says that they (the insurance companies) can't legally screw you and make a profit from NOT providing you healthcare, while continuing to collect monthly payments for ages while you were well, then, canceling on you for a B.S. reason (e.g., pre-existing conditions which they called non-covered diseases), a bunch of the phonies bailed on people who have been paying premiums for over 20 years and they don't understand what happened. They were going to burn you anyway, but when they realized they could fined or shut down (not allowed to sell insurance scams anymore) they ran for the hills and dumped most of their insureds. A lot of people are still believing all the FOX NEWS lies about "Obamacare" (death panels, you go to jail for not buying "Obamacare", being "Obamacized" which means forced to buy this instead of your employers health plan, etc. - when the actual fact is that the Affordable Care Act actually regulates INSURANCE COMPANIES, not their clients. So, when they (The insurance companies) realized that they were not going to make huge profits from giving you service once a year and only paying for a few services at that time, while leaving you to pay the rest, then they bailed. 
They are now required by law to spend 80 percent of what you give them on your health care and they have to give you a rebate for extended well times (long periods when you haven't been sick). That is why the GOP (bought and paid for by the healthcare insurance lobbies) have been screaming about the ACA, not because it is socialism. 
These same Healthcare Insurance Lobbies have been around A LONG TIME, and are the same people who don't want to pay for healthcare for those damned people called "females" because those pesky creatures have more things in their bodies that can go wrong than you would believe (especially in the baby factory area). 
So, that sound terrible and they would never tell you that in public or in the local media, so what you hear instead, is how it's "The Bible" that says you aren't supposed to use contraception or get an abortion (so they don't have to pay for them) but if you ask any of those politicians or pundits (some preachers, too) to show you where it says that in the bible, then, they get that "deer in the headlights" look for a minute and then change the subject and start ranting about sin and how it's murder and how you will go to hell because it's against "God's Will". They are paid by the lobbies to lie to you. (Not that some people haven't drunk the Kool-aid and started acting indignant about the subject because they think they are supposed to be a good "sheep" like the rest of their "flock" goes along with.

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