Saturday, November 9, 2013

The True Definition of Humility

We have all had a passing familiarity with that word, humility. I assumed for years, after hearing about the religious connotation that I understood what it meant. I was supposed to feel less than, as in "Having humility before God". As I grew older, I heard the word over and over and it seems that most people have the same definition in their mind. I had it explained to me that was wrong because humility means no better or worse than anyone else. Some people use the word "humble" or "humbled" in the same manner. Those definitions don't describe humility, they describe being humiliated.
Let me see if my diagram speech will be a better example. I used to think low self esteem was on the bottom of the scale, grandiosity at the top of the scale, and humility was in the middle like this:
But then I had it explained in a way that changed my whole life. I now look at people in a whole different way, just knowing this one simple idea. The above humility scale is correct. The correct way to look at it is as in the diagram below:
Humility is on one end of the scale with grandiosity and low self esteem on the other end because both of those are parts of EGO. I was taught that EGO stands for Edging God Out. My higher power would never want me to feel superior to the other creatures on earth, especially not other people.
I hope this sheds as much light on the word for you as it did for me.

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