Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When Did Mainstream Media Become Hoax Central?

There is a big problem arising in mainstream media. It is about credibility. Other countries would like to be taken seriously but instead are ignored, so, they have started inventing "news stories" that are hoaxes and reporting it to the Associated Press, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and anyone else who is supposed to be part of the "American Mainstream Media" brand. I liked what Jon Stewart said about Mainstream Media, not that they are liars intentionally, but that they are like a dog each time another squirrel runs by. Another news story is like a squirrel to them and checking sources, researching the story for bias or slant, etc. quit being a priority. If everyone can use Fox News as an excuse to not be accurate then we eventually will have to, as some already do, use BBC or Al Jazeera English as a empirical source to find out what is going on in the U.S.
John McCain and Lindsey Graham, both U.S. senators, have been intent on demanding to know "what really happened in Benghazi" and I hope they are both now equally embarrassed to know that the contractor's report that both of them have been going by, what people have already written books (which had to be retracted) on, and have created such a stir that there are websites and Facebook pages entitled "Never forget Benghazi" comparing the Benghazi attack, where 4 people died to an attack from outside sources (Arab and Pakastani) that killed around 2,977 in the twin towers alone, but remember, there were four planes used and including the first responders who were killed trying to rescue people, the death toll later amounted to around 6,000 people.
Anyone who can even slowly do the math to consider one digit to four, realizes that is an, at best, ignorant statement, designed to discredit the state department and especially Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that the same people in congress screaming the loudest (Republicans who think they finally found a solid excuse for the asinine things they voted for under Bush.) are the same ones who "defunded" the embassy security funding by several million dollars and created the whole insecure situation.
The ironic thing is that the main reason they think they have a justified excuse to act like '2 yr. olds' that just had their favorite toy ripped from their hands, is based on a lie. They all are asking a question that they think that they already know the answer to. "When are you going to tell the American people what really happened in Benghazi?  We have a right to know."  They are doing this based on a news story published on the air by CBS, who is now making them all look like idiots, for believing the hoax. In a desperate attempt to make the White House and Hillary look foolish and discredit them, they made themselves look like the childish idiots that they are.
When columnists for the Washington Post say things like, "Today's GOP is not racist..." trying desperately to not accuse anyone of anything that to all of us is so glaringly obvious, including fellow Republicans, then you realize he is an opinionated, old, out of touch moron. Which I stated in my comment when I said, "

...walkerazcarpenter wrote:
10:58 AM MST

Unfortunately, as usual, a so called "journalist" giving his misguided opinion. Conventional to him means racist white supremacist mainstream establishment like in the fifties that will no longer be in control, since the sixties but they are like a zombie. They died a long time ago, we unfortunately have to watch their rotting putrid ideologies fall away from the still animated corpse, while motivate towards something the rest of of already possess, brains. This supposed "liberal" writer is like the word liberal itself implies, biased in another direction. His, unfortunately, like most of us who, get called "liberal" for believing in facts and reality, are tired of being labeled in the same category with. His is opinion, which has nothing to do with reality, and therefore, everything that isn't right wing crazy is NOT "liberal". His article about "The country is doing better than you think" must be aimed at those who live in the conservative bubble ideologically and don't face reality because, as was proven in the last two presidential elections, we ALREADY KNOW THIS. The idea that conventional means "white establishment" shows me he is a loony toon. I would suggest he catch up before he starts preaching to the choir about more "liberal notions" which most of us already know to be true. Saying things like The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, sounds like he thinks he judges for us what is democratic instead of the constitution. In a word, Idiot! OLD ANTIQUATED MORON. Laterbye".

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