Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Truth about Minimum Wage

"Right now there are several Democratic candidates that are waging war on Republican governors in what promises to be a heated race in 2014. Nothing Republicans in congress, especially the House of Representatives, that were the actions they bragged about accomplishing when running, have been voted on at all. They promised Jobs programs, instead the president finally came up with his own, so they voted against it BECAUSE THEY JUST DON'T CARE.

They bragged about and still mouth the words "Immigration Reform" knowing full well their main contributing and voting base, the Tea Party, bought and paid for (despite all parties publicly denying any involvement) by Freedom Works, which, like the supposed "think Tank", Cato Institute, funded by Koch Industries brothers who have a war on Obama going as well as having interests in the insurance business and pretty much own the patent on the processes of fracking and the present form of refining crude oil into gasoline. So, while they have the right-wing propaganda machine (Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and the entire Fox News team) spouting nonsense about birth certificates, gay marriage, abortion, birth control, the war on Christmas, women's equality (they are against it), women's reproductive health (they don't understand it), and the fascist commie socialist liberal people who are ruining this country and taking away their right to be the white majority and live in a way which makes them think they have gained
some superiority for acting like an idiot. The main problem is that some of these idiots have voters who live in non-mainstream small communities where the population still is as non-diverse as it was in the 1950s and because of that these ill-informed supremacy clingers are scared that something has changed and like an ostrich with it's head in the sand, they don't dare venture out into other places in the world so they can continue to tell themselves that society is controlled by them.
Someday this country might eventually get shed of the corporatists that are the actual problem. While all the misdirection from the Right Wing "talk show" and fake news organizations is in a full "goose stepping" song and dance mode that would make the Rockettes green with envy, the real problem is that we are NOT switching from fossil fuels and going green like we need to AND we are remaining in full tilt boogie "income inequality syndrome" while they cut unemployment benefits, creating what Republicans call less unemployed. Along with the fact that some people will never get hired because they sent out their "god's will" factor into the communities telling HR departments not to hire anyone who was unemployed for over six months (the very people who needed work
the most) and then (another grand plan we didn't see coming) while they are grandstanding over punishing poor people, denying disabled veterans help they need, etc. - they decide that isn't enough, so they refuse to raise the minimum wage.
Let me say my peace on that one. A strong economy means a strong middle class. As Robert Reich the actual economist (not a Wall Street speculator like the GOP props up and tries to call economists) who teaches Economics for a living after studying it most of his life, says, "The real answer, I think, is they and their patrons want unemploy- ment to remain high and job-growth to sputter.
Why? Three reasons:
1) First, high unemployment keeps wages down. Workers who are worried about losing their jobs settle for whatever they can get — which is why hourly earnings keep dropping. The median wage is now 4 percent lower than it was at the start of the recovery. Low wages help boost corporate profits, thereby keeping the regressives’ corporate sponsors happy.
2) Second, high unemployment fuels the bull market on Wall Street. That’s because the Fed is committed to buying long-term bonds as long as unemployment remains high. This keeps bond yields low and pushes investors into equities — which helps boosts executive pay and Wall Street commissions, thereby keeping regressives’ financial sponsors happy.
3) Third, high unemployment keeps most Americans economically fearful and financially insecure. This sets them up to believe regressive lies — that their biggest worry should be that “big government” will tax away the little they have and give it to “undeserving” minorities; that they should support low taxes on corporations and wealthy “job creators;” and that new immigrants threaten their jobs.
It’s important for Obama and the Democrats to recognize this cynical strategy for what it is, and help the rest of America to see it.
And to counter with three basic truths:
A) First, the real job creators are consumers, and if average people don’t have jobs or good wages this economy can’t have a vigorous recovery.
B) Second, the rich would do better with a smaller share of a rapidly-growing economy than their current big share of an economy that’s hardly moving.
C) Third, therefore everyone would benefit from higher taxes on the wealthy to finance public investments in roads, bridges, public transit, better schools, affordable higher education, and healthcare — all of which will help the middle class and the poor, and generate more and better jobs."
And the bottom line for ALL working class people is that since the consumer is the actual job creator, then we need to raise the minimum wage so people can purchase things they need and things they want for themselves and their families.
Get ready for minimum wage to be the big fight in the 2014 midterm elections because the Republicans, like their rich corporate benefactor puppet masters tell them to, are NOT GOING TO BUDGE on the minimum wage, which will cost them the election.
Unlimited greed will be obvious to anyone who has even the minimal critical thinking skills. When Kentucky and Texas gubernatorial elections fall to the Democrats like Wendy Davis and Allison Lundergan Grimes, then the rest will start folding. Women who are concerned about humanity will see that voting for authoritarian fascists who use unwitting dumbasses to picket for them, is not going
to do anything but set women back to pre-1950s era social status and that isn't good for any of them.
The true dead head brain deads like Rick "Niggerhead" Perry and Mitch "chinless b**ch" McConnell will be exposed for the ignorance feigning liars and greedy corrupt anti-Americans that they are.
If people like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders continue to speak out about the corruption and non compassionate spending cuts to the social safety net to save the money from our taxes to spend on their own personal slush funds (Defense Spending and Tax Cuts) which they sacrifice Education, Health Care, and Financial Opportunity that so many good administrations have used to pull the nation out of the hole the GOP led us into to begin with, then it should remain obvious to the public that politicians and their bankster friends who keep ripping us off are the problem.
The other 2 reasons that the GOP does not want the people they are already screwing to have a decent living or any living at all, is that they fuel our volunteer army with people who financially have no other choice and if everyone that voted Democratically had a good paying job and was happy during the Obama administration, then they look like what they are, liars who have failed at
governing every time they have been in office.
Please remember that not raising the minimum wage and not allowing job growth is not an accident or something that is because of some "god's will" or force of nature, it is a contrived conspiracy to weaken the people of the United States' resolve against the Republican Party. They think the more they treat us like slaves, then, we will develop some form of "Stockholm Syndrome" and will start liking them more and bending to all their wishes, including voting them back into the White House. If I had my way, no one in congress who has been there for the past 5 economic downturns (while congress let the Wall Street banks rip us off and then gave them bail outs and bonuses), like John McCain, for instance, wouldn't be able to even run for dog catcher." ~ Arizona Mildman (Steve Walker)

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