Saturday, February 15, 2014

Is Mitch McConnell the Most Disgusting Person On the Planet?

When Americans look at our purpose as a nation, we have to decide, are we a nation of wars, armies, and the industries to support those wars and armies, or do we want peace? In congress, we have weak willed, undisciplined parasites that are there merely to get rich, while they are supposed to be there to serve the American people. 

That isn't happening. They are there to serve corporations. Democrats can blame the Republicans (because Republicans disgustingly don't bother to hide their greed or feel shame for contributing to hate and death) for everything from the NRA to the military industrial complex, but with a majority in the Senate, the U.S. Senate could actually block or repeal anything that the House of Representatives does, including legislation that is not for the benefit of anyone but corporations, especially those who feed the Military Industrial Complex. The list grows longer almost daily. Everyone wants in on the money to be made. There are several lists but the most popular one I know of is here. 
Mitch McConnell and others know that corporations want to make money off of the American people but don't care how these people make money. Between 2001 and 2008 all moneys from our economy (the amount collected from income tax) were stolen by a policy coup in the United States that took over much of the world's issues, while making friends with some people we used to call names like "terrorist", foreign dictators, etc. and they were upset because several years ago, during the administration of the president's father, these same people went back after one of those people who had lost allegiance to their secret society, and so they saw him get captured, convicted, and hung but that still wasn't enough, they wanted us to be in a war in the middle east forever, and this wasn't just to get us to control the oil rich nations for the duration of the war, they wanted to be there from now on, as a "peace keeping force" and controlling the fossil fuels rich nations leaders, as of their power and therefore controlling the sales and profit of all of the fossil fuels industry globally. 2 nations stood alone without fear of being part of this coup take over, Arabia and Israel, because they had both sworn an allegiance and partnership with us. Even the Soviet Union of yesteryear during the cold war era, had become an ally in most endeavors, although some people here in the United States don't seem to realize the Civil War is over, much less the Cold War. 
As General Wesley Clark explains, they don't care about anything other than power and money. It wasn't about freedoms and liberties, as we were told because if that had been the case, why haven't we invaded African countries where the rate of authoritarian rulers and public atrocities are MUCH WORSE? Because they can't make any money on righting wrongs and fighting the good cause. We haven't been in a war for a good cause since World War 2. Even the Korean conflict was a police action that we had no business being involved in, over money and trade routes. 
Mitch McConnell is a problem, locally, he keeps jobs from returning to the United States so his wife's father, the Chinese industrialist, and Mr. Chao's cronies have paid Mitch an estimated 4 million dollars a year. 
Ex-Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife are under indictment for taking gifts from an American Pharmaceutical company, why is Mitch McConnell and his wife taking gifts from foreign businesses any different???  

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