Thursday, February 6, 2014

What We Need To Get Through Our Heads?

For Those Of You Who Think It's Your Job To Tell Us What We Need To Get Through Our Heads

Some lady came on Facebook, on a progressive Democratic Party page, and started ranting about "what liberals need to get through their heads..." as if she is a social guru who knows everything. This was my reply:
"...Hi, ANN, who told you that you are the voice of "What Liberals need to get through their heads?" Actually, liberals are the people who use critical thinking to derive at a solution, not emotionalism to derive at an "opinion" not based on any factual information. First of all people who believe in facts and logic are centrists, in the middle, reality believers, NOT LIBERALS, as the people on the right who believe in mythology and opinion spoon fed to them by GOP think tanks like CATO institute and the other Koch Industries bought and paid for bottled ignorance, would like us to believe.
They are afraid of calling us what we really are, PROGRESSIVES, because they would have to spend another 50 years trying to make something that is a compliment sound negative, like they have the word "liberal", which actually means "...1. favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs." and is quite positive of an adjective and a compliment.  
But that is what the people some call liberals are, PROGRESSIVES.
What conservatives who follow the Republican Party need to understand is they (the Republican Party) have become a rich man's club that doesn't care about most people, their policies are full of austerity programs, their economics never have worked, their math seems to be off, and I will not be polite like the people who said the stuff about lipstick on a pig. When your policies are like a turd, gold plating it won't make me buy it. 

Their candidates have to lie, in order to get anyone to listen to the stupid crap about how tax cuts for the "job creators" who have lined their pockets from war profiteering and other government contract corruption, while sending jobs (that they are credited for creating) and money (to avoid paying income tax evasion charges) offshore, is being good for you and me (WTF?), which we figured out LONG AGO is BULLSHIT. They have had to design a whole propaganda network of liars and malcontents (whom I call News Trolls) that get paid to spew ignorance to the unwitting low information audience.

And as to your comment about blacks turning out to vote:
EVERYONE (not just black people) came out in numbers too big to ignore and surprised the shit out of the people like Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove and Dick "Romney will win by a landslide" Morris, because they thought their lying and cheating would win them the election like it did in 2004 and 2000, but it didn't. 
A) no matter what candidate you throw up there, 
B) no matter how pretty and nice his wife seems, 
C) no matter what color they are, 
D) no matter how "presidential" (one of the stupidest media terms I have ever heard) he acts, (which only means he is acting really confident about the lies he is telling and has no true meaning, no matter how much meaningless catchphrase propaganda bullcrap like "family values, Christianity, patriotism", etc. etc., ad nauseum) one spouts,
E) no matter how much you try to rally your little band of bigots that you taught to hate blacks in order to use the Southern Strategy for votes,
F) no matter how they try to "frame the argument" (distract from the real issue using red herring logical fallacy arguments, arguing a point that has nothing to do with the topic), 
we are ready to tell them to go home - because until they want to change their policies to benefit us instead of just talking about it, they can just shut the f**k up!

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