Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why Do Republicans Always Want To Shoot Someone?

I read the question by a member of Facebook today, that asked, "Why do Republicans always want to shoot people?" Her question was in reply to the link I posted there on a Republican senator candidate, who said that ranchers should be able to shoot "wetbacks". I replied that the reason Republicans want to shoot people is complicated.
First of all, let's identify the problem with people who profess to be Republican in today's era of political arena. They use a lot of that is defined as "dog whistle politics", or what some call "veiled language" that only their own political minions are privy to the actual coded language meaning of.
Most of them SAY they are Christians, while they believe in 1)right to life (fetus worship), while also saying they believe in 2) letting anyone have access to firearms and ammunition (leading to mass shootings and death), because they're in the pockets of the NRA, while also believing in 3) death penalties for anyone who doesn't agree with them, because 4) being a bloodthirsty angry asshole is "forgiven", as long as you 5) profess out loud in public that you believe in Jesus, while 6) not following any biblical teachings of Jesus.
They recently have created a war on one of their own "Christian Virtues", altruism, the helping of people who are poor and disabled. But modern Christianity (not the bible they supposedly read out of) says, to begin with, that if you are a Christian, then you believe that God created you and he came down here momentarily, and wrote rules about what NOT TO DO (The ten commandments) while not telling you what to do, and then came to earth in the form of his son, whom he used to tell us that we were all doomed to hell if we didn't accept his teachings, then he had him killed to forgive us, leaving religious leaders to tell us what we can and can't be forgiven for - because if we are, then we can live in Paradise with him, and if not we go to hell with "sinners", the one unforgivable sin being that you "don't believe in him", and he did all this - because He LOVES YOU! (WTF?)
After spending your whole life being told that you have to swallow all the mythology in religion and that death is to be feared because you never now how things will go after that, is it really any wonder these people are angry, fearful, and confused?
Some of them never go to church and still say that they are Christians even though they don't keep the sabbath day holy, don't understand the bible other than their own interpretations of a few parts they like from the OLD TESTAMENT, which is the book of the Jews, but call themselves devout Christians. The main reason most people call themselves that is because they choose to believe that instead of believing that when you die, you die. If they can find a loophole in that one, they believe they are saved and will go to heaven. (As they say on "Grey's Anatomy", it makes them feel better to choose to believe that.)
Some satirists now have anointed the hypocrisy in Republicans to be "Republican Jesus", some really funny graphics and blogs posts have been created over this concept.
Some even say they believe that God speaks to them personally and that they want to go back to how religion was blindly accepted by the general public in the 1950s. We had Christian prayers recited to all the school children and they were forced to pray those prayers, even if they were Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, etc.
The part they don't want to remember is that, in those days, we were gearing up the military industrial complex in order to become a warring nation, and ALL  of the richest Americans who made over one million dollar range paid more in taxes. n the 1950s.  As Michael Moore said, "A lot of people got rich — and they had to pay a top tax rate of 90 percent." Now the same people want to constantly be financed through war that kills working class people's children, while not paying any taxes to pay for the military spending they continually want to keep increasing.
They also believe everyone should trust the banks and Wall Street. That one alone is delusional. I only wonder why more of them don't shoot themselves with all that confusion.

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