Friday, May 9, 2014

My Burning Question For Today

Today, like a lot lately, I opened my mail and had to "unsubscribe" from different mailing lists. I was part of the 'CAN-SPAM' movement years ago to get rid of spam (unsolicited commercial email or U.C.E.) which means since the 'CAN-SPAM ACT' that bans spammers from spamming your email, applies to campaign donations beggars. The quatro-annual begging for dollar campaign that goes on pre-election does two things. This year it added many emails containing emotional pleas designed to gain empathy from the reader.
My favorite is the one that asks for money to "help keep money out of politics" by adding more money to politics because, of course, how many campaign contributions we collect means we win, right??? If you think so, ask Karl Rove about that one. Last presidential election, he had collected several billion dollars (maybe trillions) from people like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson (the main reason Republicans want to start a war with anyone who confronts Israel on their terrorist actions) and other people who don't even live in this country, but make money off of Americans fighting with each other and having our government not work like it's supposed to, and it didn't work. Karl Rove, like Fox News, tries to "sell" the uninformed on political platforms that they have NO IDEA about how they work. Remember that election in high school where the most campaigning won  because the Jock who was actually a hated bully had a campaign manager who told you that he would somehow magically change into a person who cared about something besides his own interests and assured you that EVERYONE who mattered (which you assumed meant if you didn't vote for him, then you didn't matter) was going to vote for him and the weak minded all signed up and voted for that guy? Karl Rove assumes the majority of the American people can still be lied into believing that the candidate he supports is really the most popular, despite that the guy comes on television and says he doesn't care about the disabled, veterans, single parents (not just moms), and others who are being paid so little by their employers that they CAN'T donate millions to his campaign. You might all remember that 47 percent that the Republican Party doesn't want you to remember that they don't care about. That isn't actually forty seven percent of people, that is 47 percent of the money spent on political campaigns in any given year is "independent" and independent voters can be swung any direction with candidates who actually prove to them that they will work to make the government work as if they CARE about them.
The Republicans have resorted to telling some of their candidates to run as Democrats this election, so be VERY careful who you donate money to. They have told contributors on some websites that they were Democrats and lied to collect campaign contributions. It comes down to the fact that, not only don't they run on real issues, they run on lies and things that they know they can't deliver. They are never going to overturn Roe vs Wade but they campaign on it, while in reality land, those politicians who grew up in an era where young girls basically committed suicide rather than face giving birth, trying to end the babies life with a wire hanger and young girls will continue to do so when it is illegal again, know no one in their right mind wants to ban legal safe abortions. But it sure makes a great stump speech for people who no one would want to see EVER having reproduced.

Remember when they lost? It made Karl Rove do things we thought he always should have, like stutter and act completely insecure and unsure of what his reality, which most of us know isn't the same one we live in, based on facts, meant anymore. You can actually see that again here: 

I just realized that I have been spelling Megyn Kelly's name wrong for a long time. This is an example of what I mean. I know that admitting that immediately and correcting it immediately is what I should do. Instead, the GOP and conservatives in general, seem to think they best action to take when they realize they are wrong is to insist that everyone else is wrong and keep wearing their mistake like a shield during any further confrontations. (Does the word "Benghazi" come to mind?) 
Please remember, people like this live in a world of fear based insecurity. When you won't listen to them they insist harder that they are right until you completely laugh them out of the room. Remember that next time one of them starts going on and on, being real self confident about something because they heard it on rightwing propaganda. Don't get angry (or at least don't act angry) take your time, take a deep breath, remember what planet you are on and LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF AT THEM, because if you get angry, the person who is wrong has an excuse to tell you that YOU are the one that's being an asshole. If you laugh at them they only can have one reaction. 
We already know that I had written a whole post previously about non-issues that Republicans run on and dog whistle political language and if you need to review those things and don't want to look through my whole blog again, then you can go to OR

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