Monday, May 5, 2014

My Email To Senator Stacey Campfield of Tennessee

You compared the Affordable Care Act to Nazi Train Rides. I can't believe it. Either you think we are really stupid or you are. The fact that you are in the Koch brothers' pockets is obvious since you are another political troll just spewing their drivel to discredit anything the president does right. Is it that you just can't stand progress are are you a butt puppet of the right wing propaganda network, FAUX NOISE? 
First, a law created the A.C.A and your party voted it into place. It is Romneycare with revisions by John McCain. It regulates insurance companies, not the customers so your analogy was immediately recognized as what it is, complete hogwash. I read your attempt to clean up after your stupid remarks saying WE MISUNDERSTOOD? That is an insult to the intelligence of every American. 
I am not a Jew but I can't imagine how badly you pissed off the Jewish Americans and there are many who either knew or are direct descendants of holocaust survivors. Compared to being interred in death camps to signing up voluntarily on a website for affordable healthcare through a reputable American insurance provider was so far probably the stupidest thing you have said, but, you are young and I don't really know much about your past. Being from Tennessee doesn't really invite the public to consider you a brain trust to begin with. 
The only thing I can say is that every idiotic Republican who has said something like this was stopped in his tracks by one question. What part of the ACA is it that you don't like?  They all get a blank look and then later admit they never read it. Your only followers are the uninformed and now with the advent of the internet, that list is getting shorter and shorter, eventually you will run out of people you can lie to that want to believe hogwash propaganda. 
Bobby Jindal said he was tired of the Republican Party being the Party of Stupid and you just added yourself to that list. The only thing that will be acceptable is to admit you lied, apologize, read the ACA and come to grips with the fact that the people who tell you to say those things are bought and paid for by the insurance industry lobbies that don't want to pay for women's health care or gay spousal healthcare coverage. The ACA actually makes them do the job they are contracted to do and quit screwing their customers by canceling service when they get really sick, collecting huge premiums for people who are never sick while calling it "administrative costs",  not paying billed amounts for unknown reasons while leaving that charge to be self payed by the customer, and other atrocities that Hollywood makes movies like "The Rainmaker" about.  How is that any comparison to Nazi Death Camps?  You are an idiot and if that isn't bad enough you made it public.

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