Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Moral Majority Vs The Real Majority

Those conservatives who for years, have considered themselves on some form of moral high ground over issues like misogyny, racism, and anti-gay bigotry, who have also tried to hide it, as Sinclair Lewis said, wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross are now being seen through by most of Americans.

The entire Northeast and several other states have struck down bans on gay marriage. Even Rick Santorum tried to backpedal, after saying that his party had 'lost control' of marriage altogether, then added that today it is seen as "...just another romantic relationship between two people", to which most of us wonder, "So, what the hell is it, then?"
And in my opinion, I have a reason to be proud of some in America. They told the world that they were NO LONGER GOING TO EXCUSE RACISM. Not only was the owner of the Clippers fined 2.5 million dollars for making racist remarks, he was banned from the NBA. Then, recently, police commissioner Robert Copeland, who made racist remarks aimed at the president, was forced to resign because public sentiment is not what it used to be. Political leaders and residents of Wolfeboro had called on Copeland to resign. Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney also spoke out against "the vile epithet." Yes, Mr. Romney and it was vile when they used it in your campaign in the Southern states, also. 
I don't know if I can even see this as a light at the end of the tunnel but recent polls suggest that younger people, in droves, are looking questioningly at everything conservatives had held as "issues" for years and seeing that most of them really meant nothing but were actually dog-whistle political language with racist undertones, that got them votes in the past. 
Some people, the ones with a brain and common sense, are finally, at least starting to, react by not looking the other way and saying with their actions that discrimination isn't okay. That song, "It's been a long time coming, but change gonna' come", seems like it is finally becoming true. It is just a brief glance at what it should be, considering that in 1964, that was FIFTY YEARS AGO, damn it, L.B.J. signed the "American Civil Rights Act" into law. Sam Cooke made that song famous in 1963, do you wonder what he was talking about? As some have said repeatedly, some will have to die before that anti-humanistic sentiment will die along with them. And we all have a choice. Do we want to progress mentally and emotionally without some extra stumbling blocks that anti cultural difference bigotry keeps holding us back? OR, do we want to live in a world where diversity is embraced and everyone else is just another human being? I will pick the latter, thanks.
And to those of you who have joined me in this journey to embrace the new world where someday, hopefully, bigotry will be looked at as a mental defect or some delusional anger issue, Thank You.

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