Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Today on Facebook

Today a Facebook friend (someone I follow) posted something that I found interesting;


"...Driving near my home in 108 degree heat with my 16 yr old son, traffic abruptly stopped. In my Avalanche I was able to see over the next car and in the intersection 6-7 cars ahead where a homeless man had fallen and was struggling to get up. He repeatedly fell onto the molten asphalt trying to crawl to the median. People were cursing and blowing their horns as they swerved around him. I passed traffic and then blocked the center lane and exited my truck to help him. A "Scott Roofing" truck did the same from the other direction. We helped him to a shade spot by the Circle K sign and called 911. We were both ridiculed and shamed for our actions. Our society has become perverse in it 's self-centered detachment. He was drunk, dirty terrified and had shit himself. HE WAS A HUMAN BEING AND HE NEEDED HELP. I am grateful, but in tears that my son had to witness such coldheartedness. What the "FUCK" are we becoming?


In a country where we fund the killing of thousands for (in my opinion) sport and for a few, profit - in order to dictate policy and religion to people who were obviously getting along without us for centuries, but could use one tenth that money to help people like the man you tried to save, I admit it is disgusting. 
(The Flip Side, although I am not rationalizing callousness.) 
I also have, from the prospective of someone in the recovery community, seen thousands of people who refuse help. leaving them at the mercy of the weather, the conditions of the street, and the callousness of people who don't care, because they prefer that to living with any form of discipline and rules, some because of addiction to drugs or alcohol, but there is help if they want it. The mentally ill were released from institutions where they would have been forced to live if Ronald Reagan wasn't trying to save face with fiscal conservatives for all his spending. In order for anything to change, we must educate the public but that seems impossible in an environment where the poor and disabled are said to be the problem, as if they decided one day to be a blight on humanity and how much fun it would be to suffer, to mentally absolve our local wealthy people of their responsibility to give back to the community. 
Ayn Rand, public lunatic that she was, in truth only a fiction writer who became rich acting like she believed her own fictional fantasy, to audiences who paid to hear her tell them how selfishness was a good thing, would be rejoicing in this time of the ANTI altruistic and PRO greediness era of the actual elite in our society, and to see the all consuming self gratification and greed that has stricken our society. 
My suggestion is, don't be disgusted with others, continue to be an example of good will toward man. 
We can ALL use the lesson. And in case no one else on earth said it, "Thank You."

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