Thursday, October 2, 2014

When Are We Going To Wake The F**k Up?

I realize that the national news media is hard to ignore. I know that most people who practice their religions in America want to believe their minister, pastor, priest, rabbi, or spiritual leader in his opinions as if they were factual. So, how do we learn to use critical thinking in these situations and look at these from a different perspective?
Some may be right and some may be wrong, so, we have to stand outside the buzz of all the opinions, and look at the provable facts. There are usually so few among the relative issues that we don't know what to believe in most situations.
Right now there is a non-provable bunch of opinions going on in America about the Secret Service. We are readying to launch into a war (This is based on the opinions of war hawk generals in the Pentagon against another undefinable enemy like the Iraq war and Al Qaeda, which I heard Isis this morning described by some as Qaeda fighters, wtf?) and we are all wondering why a bunch of secret service agents and staff, who were UNDERFUNDED BY the GOP in congress, are having problems maintaining their previous amount of security before the defunding began. 

Is this going to be another BENGHAZI scandal that amounts to human error initiated by lack of money to pay enough help to get the job done? Does that really amount to a serious question?

This is a distraction based on human fuckups, that the press is trying to misdirect us with.
1) They are not talking about the fact that the House of Representatives (controlled by the GOP scandal manufacturing department) defunded the Secret Service, the same way they did Embassy Security previous to Benghazi.
2) They are not talking about the fact that the whole Benghazi scandal, like the rest of  the manufactured scandals the GOP keeps coming up with to blame the president, who hasn't done ANYTHING wrong, is being accused of still, by stupid uninformed people who don't read retractions and anything admitting erroneous fictional news coverage of events that never happened.
3) They are NOT covering what we went through that most of the nation realizes was a mistake during the entire Bush administration, based on lies. Look at our lack of coverage of the fact that we were lied into two wars and that some in the underground media (The subcultures always define more of who we are as a nation.) are screaming at them, demanding to know why NO ONE is talking in print or on television or radio or cable news about the fact that the Bush wars were entered into, based on prefabricated non-actionable intelligence, on a lie, actually based on the fact that the U.S., specifically Donald Rumsfeld, brokered the deal to sell Saddam Hussein his chemical weapons and that was what they were trying to cover up before it got leaked, previous to Rumsfeld's resignation for "being ineffective in the position anymore".
4) They are not talking about the fact that lying, deceitful CEOs and other executives, for no reason other than unlimited greed, at Bank of America, Chase Bank, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and others have not spent a day in jail after stealing money from our personal banking accounts, rendering most people's retirement accounts wasted and empty, and then after coming to the U.S. Government under the Bush administration TWICE to get the people whose money they stole, replaced,  and then instead paid themselves Golden Parachute bonuses, thinking their actions (should have but didn't) would get them fired, and then have never been held accountable by the Republicans in congress on the finance committee, even though people like Elizabeth Warren made it clear on the news in front of the whole world that the finance committee has NEVER DONE THEIR JOB when it comes to prosecution.
And now the people on the right, to distract from being wrong again, are trying to call the entire thing The Obama Bailouts and The Obama Economy, even though our president has turned it around the best he could, despite their obstruction, and we still don't have the jobs they promised us because they won't sign and agree to the American Jobs Act that would be another feather in the cap of the black man in the White House that they love to hate.

BUT NO, everyone is chasing the squirrel up the tree, just the way Fox News and the rest of the distractors (The GOP in the House of Representatives.) wanted you to while they defunded them.
Are you paying attention to the fact that the Koch brothers are trying to lie their way out of the facts confronting them about their pollution and buying of EPA officials that should get them sued, if not indicted and arrested? NO. Because you are the dog chasing the Secret Service up a the media distraction tree, instead of paying attention to the real issues.

1) Quit chasing the secret service distraction that the GOP doesn't want you to look anywhere but at it only, and ask yourself and them, "WTF happened to the funding for the Secret Service?" 
2) Ask questions that are relevant: "Did they steal it to rationalize more tax breaks, like they did Benghazi?"
a) Why are they constantly insisting that we go to war in foreign nations, knowing we can't win and nothing will change? (As if the military industrial complex and the Koch brothers campaign donations weren't enough incentive.) 
b) What is is it they are trying to change in the middle East? (Their religion or their politics because it has nothing to do with free elections, we already found that out when their security forces defected to the popular side in those countries.) 
c) Are we still waging war on Arab/Islamic nations because they don't believe like we do, since that is what the "Crusades" was about and I don't think that has anything to do with freedom, democracy, or anything besides an excuse to take over their oil reserves.

You must remember what these (the one percent) millionaires and billionaires do with tax breaks. Like this illustration says, think about it: