Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Concerning An Urgent Matter", My Email to Mayor Jack Seiler

There is a meme circulating on Facebook about Mayor Jack Seiler who keeps having a veteran arrested for feeding homeless people in "his town". I opted to write him an email instead of a phone call to his office. This is what I wrote:
"...HI, Mayor,
My name is Steve but I am more well known on the internet as Arizona Mildman, blogger, YouTube Vlogger, and social media "top commenter" with a following on Twitter, as well. I am concerned, and wanted to share with you, about something I was notified about on Facebook today. 
I read that you keep having a older veteran arrested for feeding homeless people. 
Let me say this. 
First, the veteran is within his rights to do charitable acts. Also, homeless people are not cats. They don't come back simply because you feed them. They are simply here to stay until conditions with the economy improve. I wish some of the homeless would go away, also, but that isn't going to happen until we undo the Ronald Reagan era completely and return all the mental patients to the asylums. 
You should know that EVERYONE on the internet in social media like Facebook and Twitter is going to inundate your email and phone before long by letting you know how disgusting arresting this man is and how much of a lowlife they consider you for having someone arrest a man, whose last few pleasures in life include helping the less fortunate for any reason, no matter how much that you think you are right about it. 
Your email and phone number are being circulated and if you change them they will just post those, also. Public servants as well as public figures of any kind can't hide anymore. As Donald Rumsfeld said after Abu Ghraib, "With the internet we have now, there are no more secrets."
I can assure you that if you keep it up you are going to get national attention that you don't want including people writing to the White House and the DOJ to find out if what you are doing can be stopped. 
If you want your office to turn into something reminiscent of the Trayvon Martin scandal, then keep it up. Eventually ANONYMOUS will come after you and then you won't get anything to work in your entire computer network, (Just a thought/prediction, not a threat,) because they will do their own damage - but I am hearing the drums signalling that they are circling the wagons for an attack NOW. 
Keep your head down because you are getting ready to become a famous villain in the public eye. (Probably not good for your career, either.)
Later,   ,,," 
and then my usual google signature, 
I hope he gets the point, 

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  1. Do you think he'll actually pay attention, Steve? He probably won't even read it.