Monday, November 24, 2014

Concerning An Urgent Matter - Part 2 of the Ongoing Saga

Alrighty Now,
I sent an email to the asshole who decided to continue having an older veteran arrested repeatedly for attempting in his own way to feed the

homeless. You will notice that, in typical Republican fashion, he tries to "reframe" the issue instead of addressing it directly and apologizing or admitting that it was wrong to arrest the man. This is his reply.

Jack Seiler

4:55 AM (6 hours ago)
to me

Thanks for your input and for caring about the homeless. We truly appreciate the concern and respectful approach, and we recognize that this is a very difficult and emotional issue.

The City Commission did not realize that requiring the homeless be fed in safe, secure, sanitary and healthy conditions would be distorted by the media as an attack on the homeless. The City Commission did not ban feeding the homeless in the City of Fort Lauderdale and did not make it illegal to feed the homeless; the City Commission only regulated the location of those feedings. In fact, there are numerous locations where homeless feedings may be legally held in the City, including our downtown. You can read the ordinance online at our website:<>.

Further, the cycle of homeless and homelessness on the streets of Fort Lauderdale is unacceptable, and this City Commission will do everything possible to get them off the streets and into the right programs, to the appropriate facilities, and to the proper resources necessary to turn their lives around.

This City Commission also does substantial charitable work for the homeless here in South Florida, volunteer at the local homeless assistance center, contribute financially to assist homeless programs and benefits, and work on several successful homeless veterans programs and projects. You can find many of those programs listed on our website at<>.

Your assistance is also appreciated, and we welcome volunteers, partners, charitable contributions, donations, and all levels of support.

Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving.

John P. "Jack" Seiler
City of Fort Lauderdale

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You can email Jack (the asshole) Seiler at
Additional Edit:  This was my reply to Jack Seiler's reply:
This was the typical Republican response. Try to "reframe the message" instead of addressing the problem. No one said anything about an attack on the homeless, you rationalizing dishonest whiner. The issue is arresting someone for doing something charitable because you think it's your job to qualify where people can help another struggling human being. Your treatment of the homeless is already on record. Your arresting an older veteran for doing something on his own without government interference, which I would like to add is something that your party whines so much about, claiming their selfishness has something to do with "the right manner of helping" instead of the fact that you want to restrict helping because you think someone not having any opportunities is somehow their fault. 
You don't get to send me a form letter blanket rationalization and act like I am on your side on this. YOU need to quit thinking that homeless people should be treated by supervised restraint when it comes to being fed.
That is another issue. 
You don't need to reply, 
I am not in the mood to hear more excuses, WHEN YOU WERE WRONG, you are supposed to knock it off, not just make more excuses.
Arizona Mildman

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