Friday, November 7, 2014

My Letter To Another True Believer

I am really saddened by the midterm election results. If I hadn't voted early and taken my time to pick out and vote for the right candidates, help make "get out the vote" phone calls, and rallied around the candidates that I believe in, it wouldn't have bothered me so much, I guess.
Today I received an email from another person who helped fight the good fight and tried to campaign for the sake of educational revival here in this red state (Republicans always cut education spending first because they like having stupid people "under them".) - and progress of any kind in this state, who was a fellow volunteer at the Fred Duval campaign and I am going to delete her name but it went like this:

"...​Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for your time during our final get out the vote weekend! You helped us reach out and ensure more votes. Unfortunately, as you know, we fell short in the end... it was a difficult year across the board.

We appreciate your efforts and hope we'll see you during a future election.

All the best,
(Name Deleted) "
And my reply to her was this:

"...Yes, but to no avail. I am so disappointed in the young people in our country that don't,  for some reason, allow themselves to understand the importance of the midterm elections. We need to reach them through their own form of media. Bill Clinton believes his appearance on MTV had a big effect. Comics and musicians did something called Rock The Vote, I was there. Hardly anyone tries during the midterms. This is the result. 2010 - the opening blast and take over of Libertarians and Tea Party who called themselves conservatives and Republicans. One is a bunch of selfish Ayn Rand fictional story believers and the other is a bunch of lunatic puppets who work, unknowingly for the Koch brothers and Koch Industries to ruin our environment, our democracy, and our economy. I find it hard not to want to give up and run away. We are faced with a nation of stupid and uninformed that are growing in numbers instead of facing reality. Conservative (propaganda) talk and fake news along with the overwhelming amount of ignorance (largely in the Red States) and under educated, uninformed, and angry low information less intelligent seeming individuals are being cultivated by low education and misinformation, coupled with the Religious Wrong who indoctrinate people to believe in fantasy misinformation through the stories of miracles and therefore getting normally rational and intelligent adults to be indoctrinated since youth in the belief of anything they tell them to believe. It has been used as a vehicle for politics for ages and was stepped up during the GW Bush administration reign of ignorance and fear.
Thank You for inviting me to fight the good fight but I am so disillusioned that I just want to run away. I want to find another country where the majority of people don't believe that incarcerating the mentally ill and poor people is the solution to poverty. I want to find another country where wages and the cost of living are commensurate with each other. I want to find another country in which I feel like I belong instead of being a voice in the wilderness that people consider foolish and idealistic because I believe that everyone should be treated equally no matter what and that the wealthy aren't allowed to act like our founding fathers did, only allowing wealthy white land owners to vote and owning slaves. When I look back at when slavery was legal in the United States and realize that the slave "masters" only had to afford housing, clothing, food, and enough medical care to keep the slaves just well enough to work, then, I can see a direct correlation between that and the way illegal immigrants and low wage workers here are treated today. For after all, if you work 2 or 3 jobs (12 to 16 hour days) now, and you can barely afford to survive, then - what is the difference?
Big Money, including campaigning needs to be taken out of the hands of advertising firms that sell us cigarettes and alcohol and everything else that is bad for us. John McCain and Russ Feingold pointed out long ago that even back then, it cost at least 25 million dollar to throw your hat (just to be considered for nomination in the advertising game) in the ring to be even a low level beginner as president. Barrack Obama changed the face of campaigning by asking everyone for 20 dollars instead of asking a handful of billionaires for millions. We believed in change for the better and this is how it ended up, through dark money, stupid sheep followers, and lazy people, especially the younger ones, who don't get out and vote. In my opinion, EVERY AMERICAN should be on a permanent early voters list (mail in ballot), if they are eligible to vote. Diebold voting machines have been hacked since previous to 2000 in GOP favor and we know it ( ). My only question now is "When is there going to be some real change?"
Sorry for the ranting,
Steve Walker of Phoenix, AZ

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