Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Reply to Author Of Melanoid Nation about their Bill Cosby critique.

The article from Melanoid Nation about Bill Cosby can be seen at is an American Apartheid movement in the United States, whom would gladly have things as bad as South Africa was under British rule years ago, and that is the unfortunate part. Cosby did say some things like the fact that it is stupid to get killed over something trivial, in “The Pound Cake Speech”, and I understand it was a plea to get young black men to realize that they can’t do whatever they want, despite the rule of society and call it “cultural beliefs”. It was a plea to get them to understand that rules are there for a reason and no one in the rest of society will tolerate lawlessness. If this is considered, by this author, to be an “attack on black Americans”, then I disagree with that viewpoint. If a white comedian, for instance, Bill Maher, says that most of caucasian society has failed at something (I.E. immigration standards, racism, educational standards nationwide, healthy eating, intelligent views, religious mythology, etc.), no one jumps up to condemn him (And that would be have to be one who is at least an inwardly white supremacist and that can’t take criticism of their own stupidity.) for speaking out against his own race. Does anyone listen to Cosby and his speeches/pleas to black men as a society take root and make a difference? I doubt it. He is ridiculed as an “Uncle Tom” by people who do the exact wrong thing towards women and society that Bill talks about. Is that him being racist or them being defensive? I believe it is them being defensive about comments because his comments are taken by idiots/racists as permission to make judgements on other human beings based on race. The point is that no one in our society as a whole is going to excuse criminal behavior as a matter of “behavior by poor people who live in poverty that don’t have a way out”, and instead see it for what it is, criminal behavior. What is so wrong about that? If black people want to get away from being stereotyped as lazy and criminal (because most of them are just like everyone else) by racists, they need to quit excusing and rationalizing “the plight of” young people of their own race and deal with it realistically. There ARE lots of people in society who are poor. Some of them learn and become strong but many succumb to temptation to commit criminal acts and that includes members of ALL races. The fact that black men and women are arrested more often for the same things (usually non violent drug offenses) that everyone else seems to commit with impunity is a different issue and is being made public as a an awareness that the criminal justice system IS racially unbalanced in so many parts of the country. That is NOT the same issue.
When ALL people in this country understand that income inequality is a problem for ALL of us, especially to the poor, and do something about it, then we will come to understand that the matters of race are a false flag social construct that causes men and women to struggle with survival, that is what really needs to be addressed.
Who is true minority that is screwing this country’s economy and the environment up, including our educational system? RICH GREEDY PEOPLE. I don’t consider Mr. Bill Cosby one of those.

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