Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Most Recent Letter To Senator John McCain

I hasten to preface this article with the immediate admission that I copied and pasted parts of this letter to my local senator with my outrage because of an article posted and copied and pasted many of the parts of the article (Source Cited below my signature, if you want to read their entire article.) directly into his "request submission form" so, the information in this piece are not strictly my own, just my opinions are.
People used to call Bill Clinton "Slick Willie" for putting side issues into a bill he wanted passed that he knew no one would read completely and therefore get issues passed that no one would have voted for by hiding them in a bill that was originally about issues that no one would dare vote against. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and the entire Tea Party Caucus have done the same thing but they are trying to pass measures that are so outrageous that everyone in the public has noticed and even internet bloggers are calling attention to. My message to John McCain in full said this:
"If the omnibus budget deal passes as is, then we are going to be in real trouble in the U.S., with $479 MILLION FOR WARPLANES THAT THE PENTAGON DIDN'T ASK FOR (and said they were obsolete, do we really need to talk about the Military Industrial Complex? Your party already glutted them during the Bush administration.), $93 MILLION CUT FROM THE WOMEN, INFANTS AND CHILDREN (WIC) NUTRITION PROGRAM (Once again ignoring the needs of many over a few rich greedy people.), NULLIFICATION OF VOTER-BACKED MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION IN D.C. (Which would mean progress instead of the present useless "war on drugs" that only lines the pockets of privatized prisons and the police agencies who chase pot while funding it by importing and selling drugs like cocaine and heroin in the United States, and have been caught repeatedly doing just that.), THE BILL THAT CITIGROUP WROTE (After the 2008 financial crisis, a lot of people were understandably less enthusiastic about derivatives — A financial instrument that played a major role in the crisis and led to the collapse and $85 billion taxpayer bailout of insurance giant AIG. As Ben Protess of the New York Times explained, Congress used the 2010 Dodd-Frank law to create “a requirement that banks “push out” some derivatives trading into separate units that are not backed by the government’s deposit insurance fund. The proponents of the push-out rule argued that it would isolate risky trading from parts of a bank eligible for a government bailout.” Since everyone from the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street was infuriated by the big bank bailouts, you’d think Congress would still be taking a victory lap for passing a measure that makes bailouts less likely. Instead, they’re using the budget bill to sneakily kill it.) This will lead to another banking crisis that will be self inflicted, which is once again, how your party, as you so aptly put it, has lost their way. They care only about lobbyists and soft money contributions, not about the American people.
Also, MORE BIG MONEY IN POLITICS, which is something you voted against in the McCain/Feingold Act and your party seems to be trying to become an oligarchy and a plutocracy. But what it comes down to is, corporatism IS FASCISM and that is what you seem to be faced with. Certain party members aren't supposed to decide for the public, against their wishes and votes, what they think "THE PUBLIC  NEEDS" based on greed and corruption, and when I look at the amount of time you and others have faced, trying to get people to believe yours is not a party of rich old greedy, out of touch white men, then, I am straining to see a difference and can't. 
Thank You, Steve Walker of Phoenix, AZ"
I will post his reply if I receive one and then we can compare what I said to him with what excuses he gives me.
Later. Arizona Mildman
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