Monday, January 19, 2015

The New 20 Week Abortion Ban

I would hope that all US citizens contact their representative in congress and tell them the same thing. You have my permission to copy and paste parts of this blog post. You can find your representative here:

My letter to my congressional representative, David Schweikert said:

Representative Schweikert,
Radical anti-choice leaders in Congress have scheduled the first big vote on their bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks for THIS THURSDAY.
That means to me that it is important to stop this radical attack on the right to choose. I am writing to ask you to stop this bill from ever getting to the president’s desk, so we’re counting on you to pitch in.
Please stop the 20-week abortion ban and defend the right to choose. Opponents of abortion rights think they can score political points by focusing on women who need abortion care later in pregnancy. But here’s what this bill is really about: Politicians standing between women and their doctors in some of the most tragic situations imaginable. This is a direct link in the chain to ban all abortions altogether. Those of us who have been alive before Roe v Wade remember the coathanger abortions and backstreet clinics that caused us to insist that abortion be legal to begin with, but in this instance (the 20 week ban) , this is the type of backward thinking involved. Like it was decided during prohibition, people are going to drink and women are going to get abortions. Looking for wiggle room for some politicians to use abortion as a vote gaining tool is ludicrous 50 years after we already had this debate and decided. Her doctors and her are to make those decisions, not a bunch of radical bought and paid for, lobbyist pandering extremists. In this case, it doesn't even make any sense.
I will give you the example of Christy Zink. At 21 weeks, her doctors discovered that her fetus had no brain function—a condition that could not have been detected earlier. And when she testified before Congress, one of the lead sponsors of the 20-week ban told her to her face that she should have been forced to carry the fetus to term. That would have been 16 weeks of suffering and being reminded everyday that her baby would be born without a brain. That is ignorant and regardless for the feelings of the mother.
That’s the mindset that we’re up against—and if we don’t fight back and win, women like Christy may be forced to do just that. We all know this is actually about the lobbyists from the medical insurance companies, not a "biblical commandment", as the supposed right to life (but not to right to a good life after birth) opponents of over 20 week abortions claim. They don't want this same mother to get specialized healthcare covered in this extreme circumstance or pay for a disabled child until they die. The alternative is what they do in India and China, euthanasia at birth. This legislation is wrong, hurtful for the parents, and in my opinion, stupid.
Thank you for helping to make choice real for all women,"
A concerned citizen of Phoenix, AZ "

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