Saturday, May 30, 2015

Armed Biker Peaceful Anti-Islam Protest And Shouting Match In Phoenix, AZ

Yesterday I heard about the protest brewing at the North Phoenix Islamic Center on Black Canyon and there were supposed to be a big group at the Denny's at Dunlap and the freeway. I got to Denny's first and this is what I saw.

Yeah, five whole motorcycles, so after all the hype, I figured the thing had fizzled until I investigated further. Let me say, I am the type of person who likes to check things out, especially when someone seems pretty lame and is starting trouble for someone else. I didn't know what to expect. I got as far as Northern and side street on the frontage road was blocked with a police barricade and at least two police cars. I ended up going down to Glendale, back up 27th Avenue to Northern again and then parked in the DQ parking lot. I noticed immediately that I wasn't the only one walking up from a parked motorcycle but I was the only one I saw at first with a camera in their hand. As I got closer, I saw the helicopters buzzing in circles like mechanical vultures waiting for some violence to prey on. 

I proceeded further until I reached the Islamic Center office where I could see no one was hanging out or trying to protest, so I still didn't know what was going on or if anything serious was happening. 
Yeah, with those half moon symbols stuck up in the sky like that, it isn't hard to recognize what religion these people represent but the office wasn't the protest so I walked down to the street. Then I saw first the anti protest protesters. Some real Christians (this thing was billed as Anti-Islam as if they stood on some religious or moral high ground but the real Christians seemed to kind of take the wind out of their salls on that one) were standing along the side walk in front of the mosque with their own signs. 

While I started out relating to the real Christians even though I am a Buddhist who follows the writings/teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, the peace advocate, I wanted to get some juicy pictures of real stupidity in the protest so here you go: 

So, the police stayed between the protesters and the anti protesters and I think they deserve credit for not allowing any crap to jump off, including their own officers. The two I talked to on the walk up informed me that there is no concealed weapon law in Phoenix anymore and anything goes. It was a LONG WALK to get there for my old crippled ass: 
And some nice people even brought water to pass out so no one passed out. (You know what can happen in this heat on a summer day in Phoenix.)
 I was pleasantly surprised at the plethora of "Love Your Neighbor" signs that people were passing out. I was given one that I took home. Those are those small hand held signs several of the Christian anti-protester protesters were holding in the following picture. People held larger signs of all different colors that had scripture written on them with various quotes about love and tolerance. It was heartening to see that many non-Islamic people standing up for the Islamic people.
The media circus with cameras of all kinds were videoing or snapping constantly, a lot of people just used their phone cameras so there were hundreds of spectators like myself who just came to record the whole thing for later. 
As I started to leave, some lady with her own agenda sign (I saw quite a few of those as if they didn't care what this was about, they wanted to deliver their own message like an internet troll who can't stay on topic.)
She saw me start to take the picture and covered her face with her big sign so I just said, "Thank You", and she replied, "You're welcome", loudly, and I moved on. 
It was a long walk back but it was worth it. I started back, got to talk to some of the neighbors, including two people, one woman who lived right off the freeway and a many who was a half block down from my bike, who was Chinese but spoke pretty good English so I spent some time talking to them and continued on. 
I would like to say, "A good time was had by all", but it was pretty cut and dried and it was hot today, after we have had such a dry spell. Those of you who have a Windows or Kodak image viewer that you can preview these pictures with, I suggest you enlarge them as much as you can on your own desktop so you can see the details. 
Have fun with it and please post this all over Facebook and Twitter and other social media, if you would, PLEASE! Everyone take care!
Arizona Mildman